A women following her passion to build healthy and safe work environment

INTRODUCTION - Dr. Aditi Kaushal Bhardwaj is a Lawyer, Coach, Trainer, Lead Auditor under Labour and Environmental laws, a PhD holder on POSH specialization. Carrying over 18+ years of experience in Labour laws, respecting a legacy of 50+ years built by her elders in Industrial and Labour law practice under the name of Kaushal Law Associates (KLA), now KLA Foundation. She is trying to build her name gradually through her passion for the same legacy exclusively on POSH compliance with her own firm Dr.POSH. Her focus has always been to contribute in building a healthy and safe work environment in organized as well as unorganized sectors including corporates, NGOs, government sectors etc. across India.

She is a very simple person who enjoys yoga, music, listening to Sadguru and Guru Gaur Gopal Das. She loves playing badminton, carrom and ludo and also loves spending time meeting colleagues and discover their life experiences, struggles and successes.

CHILDHOOD- She was born in Rohtak and brought up in Bahadurgarh and finally in Gurgaon. She was always a rebellious child and, being the youngest, a naughty one. She has one elder sister and henceforth she faces many challenges, but not from within the family but from society. She recalls that people inside or outside her family always had an issue that she did not have a brother to take care of this 50-year-the legacy. But she feels blessed as her parents never complain about this and, rather, they have always supported her to grow. They were there with her as a pillar when she did her graduation in law, and then her MBA in Human Resource and even when she did Masters in Law. She recalls that one day in 2011 her father said that he would be happy to see if both his daughters were doctors. She initially did not understand, but later her Mom told her that, like her elder sister who is a medical doctor , she should also go for a Doctorate in Law. God also had the same plan for her as. The very next day, she got a call from her mentor and he asked her to apply for a PHD in law.

In 2016, she completed her PHD in Law .She did a PHD on “Socio Legal effect of sexual harassment of women in the workplace Act 2013”

She gives credit to her parents, her sister , her mentors and her clients for her success. During Covid, she met her soulmate and eventually married in 2022. Her husband is not a legal professional but understands her passion and her vision to learn and serve. She is thankful to her in-laws who have also fully supported her in this journey .

LIFE JOURNEY- She believes in the statement “…. a mile to go before I sleep”

She is the founder of Dr. POSH, a subject which has always been too close to her. She believes every female has their own set of struggles and achievements. She feels really happy when she see a women achiever and she believes that the struggle behind the achievement is what needs to be celebrated.

She too faced many challenges when she was doing her Ph.D on a subject i.e., socio-legal impact of sexual harassment . There was little material to study. Even today, the subject is considered as a taboo in society. Neither the employer nor the employee was comfortable discussing it. So majorly her studies were based upon practical experience.

She says this journey was tough but now it’s comforting to see people being vocal enough to discuss. Some employers have opened their mindset . Similarly, on the other hand the employee comes to you with open hands to understand and work towards the cause. As a trainer, she has herself done more than 3000+ trainings, masterclasses pan India.

She also did her certification in Quality ISO-19001 and Environment ISO-14001 through TUV-SUD and SA-8000 i.e Social Accountability was a lead Auditor, which even made her understand other aspects of this enactment. She pursued her Master's in Law from Kurukshetra university and her subject of study was Industrial Relations, focusing on strikes and lockout. She also did an MBA in Human Resources along with three more, feathers to her accomplishments as Diploma in Cyber Laws & Intellectual Property Rights through Amity University, Noida and Diploma in Alternate Dispute Resolution (Arbitration laws) from Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. In 2016 ,she completed her PHD on social Legal impact of Sexual Harassment of women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) 2013.

She has published many articles in journals, books, HR Manuals and actively participated in many trainings, penal discussions and seminars.

Awards and accolades

  • Best Female Entrepreneur of the year – 2nd Annual Woman Achiever – PNGI
  • Professional Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 - Women's Leader Forum
  • Bharat ki Beti – Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  • Visionary Leader of the Year 2021 – Centre for Education growth and Research
  • Best POSH Compliance and Legal Expert 2022 – Women Conclave Award

And many more accolades and appreciations

Her favourite vacations had been many, like visiting religious places like Somnath, Ujjain baba Mahakaal and Shirdi and other than that, in India -Andaman Nicobar Island and outside India- Dubai, Vienna, Stockholm, and the list is endless.

She is a huge fan of Shammi Kapoor Ji and has watched all his movies other than that, her favourites in Hollywood are Titanic, Home Alone, the Avenger series, and in Hindi, are PIKU, DDLJ, Barfi.

Her motto of life is to make each moment worthwhile and to respect yourself and respect others, love yourself and love others.

Her life has not been easy or everything was not served in a plate. Her parents have always taught her to do hard work and achieve and she is truly following it .


She wants to learn and serve as always and build a gender-neutral team who come together with her and serve the cause.


Her favourite life quote is “God has a plan, we are here to just take action and keep our hope that things will happen as per God’s Plan. So do your actions and keep your hope”

She says “Respect what you have as it was planned by God.”