Lifestyle: Deepshikha Bishoyi is a self-taught artist based in Gurgaon. Art has always been a part of her life since childhood. Graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology with a Bachelor's degree in Design, she has over 6 years of experience in the fashion industry. As a result of her studies at NIFT, she has learned Visualisation and Representation Techniques, illustrations, elements and principles of Design, which she has continued to apply while creating paintings and sketches for herself non-professionally in her leisure time. She gave up her design career in order to devote all her time to learning and deepening her understanding of art. By participating in competitions, exhibitions, and workshops, she took her first step into the world of art professionally in 2021. She is more into contemporary art, and put a step forward to give voice to the varied and changing cultural landscape of identities, values, and beliefs.

Professional Life: Deepshikha is a real fighter, as she is still struggling with a major medical illness. A lot of doctors have called her a fighter, for her ability to withstand multiple surgeries over and over. Owing to her medical struggles, and being confined to a room multiple times post surgeries and post pregnancy and post delivery of her son, she constantly thought about and has been inspired by the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo because she felt, her story is similar to the artist, being bed ridden. Such as, her movements were restricted, and she was not able to take up corporate jobs that required stick timings. Moreover, she could not move out of the house herself. This is something that inspired her to make her own art. Her husband's encouragement was instrumental in getting her back into art after a long absence. And, the result is something which motivated her to make more and more. Then she participated in art competitions, exhibitions, fairs, and workshops.

Achievements: Deepshikha is an inspirational young woman who stood up strong against adversity and her battle with her ailment. This person is the best because she didn't lose hope, and still wants to live her life to the fullest. Lots of National and International awards gave her the confidence to push forward with her art. She is a creative person and has been illustrating a lot of Children's story books as freelance projects and her art works have been published as cover pages of books of poetry compilations as well. After her hand-painted artworks got international recognition in Europe through exhibitions in various places like Varmezo Galeria in Budapest, DAP Gallery in Warsaw, Poland, Galerie Onil in Bermen, Germany, and others. She got a name as a renowned artist in India.

Awards and accolades mention 5 major awards.

(1) KALA GAURAV award from the great artist Padmashree Tilak Gitai ji and MatuRam Verma ji in Kala Rang Mahotsav in Jaipur

(2) The KALARATNAM GOLD award in October 2021

(3) Padma Vibhushan Satish Gujral Award from Jyoti Lalit Kala Academy

(4) Bharat Gaurav Samman Puraskar on the occasion of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav from Dakshita Art Gallery

(5) Shreejansheel Gold Award

Journer of Her Life: Deepshikha considers her father her role model. From him, she learned perseverance, focus, dedication and to put in 100% in whatever is put forward. Her father's statement- "Failure is not a failure until you refuse to get up and move again" - This became the motto of her life. This statement keeps her moving forward for her success. She always keeps moving forward and never lets anything stop her. That's what makes her a successful person. When it comes to her family, she is the youngest among four sisters. Her family has always been shining bright with academic and professional excellence. Deepshikha's father Mr. Kora Bishoyi is a metallurgist who retired from S.A.I.L (Rourkela Steel Plant) long before she had finished her schooling. While her sisters had all been toppers always scoring a minimum average of 90% of marks, winning national-level Gold medals in the field of Science, and studying at renowned institutes like IITs and IIMs, perhaps she had always been a very mediocre student in terms of academic performance. In fact, owing to the views and perspectives of her social surroundings, she considered herself a failure in academics especially when she opted for science in her 11th and 12th class. Many people, in fact, she herself was disappointed by her performance. And she could directly relate to the kid in the movie Taare Zameen Par with herself when she was in class 11th and 12th, she says at that time she could only see all trigonometric and chemical formulas floating in the air and failed to process a single thing. What else, she also went through a major stage of depression in class 12th wherein she had ended up drawing some useless sketches (due to her passion for Art) in her Mathematics paper in the term exam in school because she was not able to solve a single question in the question paper.

Her father, being an academic genius himself tried really hard by teaching her Maths, Physics and Chemistry full time leaving behind all his professional chores and did sail her through her class 12th boards successfully - a miracle as her family members call it. This was the time when she started bonding with her father because this is the time she recalls when the whole world had turned their backs on her, it was only him, only her father who stood by her and helped her through during her rough patch.

Her strong belief is that what makes an artist special is that - tomorrow the Artist might die, but his art will continue to live, it could be any form of art - painting, music, movies, books, anything. She believes that the true purpose of an artist is to inspire others with their work. Every single piece of Deepshikha's work gives out some message and she wants the message to reach out to the widest of the audience as much as possible. She very fondly thinks of and idolizes the great artist Vincent Van Gogh who did not have financial success while he was alive, but now, after 200 years there are museums dedicated solely to him, and thus, just the way she sees that how Van Gogh's works continue to live forever inspiring young artists, Deepshikha aims to reach the stars just like him aiming to create such a masterpiece that will live and speak of her hundreds of years later also even when she won't be there.

Message: In the end, after all the hardships and heartaches, she realized that the bigger and brighter picture of her life was so worth the fight. You are, however, still in the middle of the story. The end of the story is a whole lot bigger than what you've seen already.