INTRODUCTION – This is the story of a Mom Blogger, who has always put her family, her kid, and nephews first and still manages to be a working woman and a “Mom Blogger” at the same time. We are talking about none other than “Mridula Khanna Arora” who dons so many hats - A 24/7 mom, A Mom Blogger, and an Artist Manager all together.

An Award-winning Mom Blogger who won the Mom Influencer Award 2021, felicitated by Dr. Kiran Bedi ji. Won Best Parenting Influencer Award 2022.She was also a nominee for the "Globant Awards 2022" and the "She the People Women Awards 2022." She has beeb eatured on the cover page of Grehlakshmi Magazine and Tot’s magazine along with actor Chhavi Mittal. More than 100 top-tier brands have collaborated with her, including Dyson, Pepperfry, Berger Paints, Gritzo, FirstCry, Dyson, Amazon, Hamleys, etc.

CAREER AND GROWTH- She started her influencer career in 2019 when her daughter Zeeva was born. By profession, her journey started as an HR Manager and then as a Mom Blogger. She studied English Literature at Delhi University and holds an MBA degree; she worked as a Human Resource Manager in MNCs for 8 years and presently working as an Artist Manager.

After 2 years of marriage, she convinced her father-in-law and joined as an HR manager in an IT firm and she feels great sense of accomplishment, as is the only woman in the entire clan to work after marriage.

CHILDHOOD- She was a very personal person, someone who would speak less but talk at the right time.Her father is a businessman and he is very practical. She also mentions her father is google for her and he is the first person whom she approaches for anything and everything. Her mother is a homemaker and always inspired her and motivated her to do whatever she wants.

Her brother is an international Artist- Singer and Dancer. She tells “he is the first go-to person”. She also adds “He is the first person who inspired her to start the page @momandzeeva

MOTHERHOOD JOURNEY -For her, Motherhood revamped her career. After her delivery, she thought her career is over but she was wrong. Eventually, her career as a Mom Blogger started when her daughter was born. She never knew that her career would be reinvented and shaped online and for this, she is really humbled and grateful.

When her daughter was born, she couldn’t connect with her, as there was something that was bothering her, and had one question in her mind ,“IS MY CAREER OVER AFTER A BABY”. She was kind of depressed and shattered and couldn’t bond with her baby easily. It took her around 3-4 months to bond with her baby. She told, “she looked happy from the outside but she was unhappy, depressed on the inside”.

She also adds “Lots of moms would never talk about it. As they feel what will the society think of them, they will judge them, label them as bad moms”


Being a Blogger / Influencer she has always promoted small businesses, especially women entrepreneurs.

Here are some ways in which She promoted and contributed to promoting small businesses

1. Whenever wish to make a purchase, she makes sure that she purchases from a small business.

2. Whenever she makes a purchase, she always makes sure to leave a review

3. Even when she doesn’t make a purchase and sees some small business page on a Social media platform, she follows them and makes sure to leave some Likes and comments on their page. She tells, you never know this engagement might attract a few clients and make an indirect sale for them.

4. She makes sure when she sees something fascinating or interesting from a small business, she makes sure that she shares it with her friends and relatives over WhatsApp, and Instagram.

She believes that one can only grow by helping others

During COVID she felt so helpless so she reached out to her community and used the resources available on the Twitter app search, sheets released by NGOs and she personally called and verified leads and shared them with the patient’s families. She still remembers how satisfying it was to see a patient get medical treatment in time by putting in all these efforts with the help of her Instagram community. There had been days when she slept around 5 am in the morning as was verifying leads and arranging resources for patients.

LIFE JOURNEY- She is grateful and will always be grateful for her beautiful life.

She tells” I have a supporting husband, in-laws, and family. A joint family is definitely a boon.

Well-knit joint family, strong life values, lots of love and blessings."

Her favorite movie is “The pursuit of Happiness”

And her favorite destination is “Leh and Ladakh”

Motto of life “firm believer in Karma. Good or bad, what you put out comes back to you”

FOLLOWERS AND EARNINGS- And within no time, it's a family of 50k now. Her page is all about real and genuine content. Content on parenting, easy-to-go baby-friendly food recipes, motherhood, DIYs, and much more. Her food series #whatzeevaeats is loved my mommmies on Instagram and has over 200 kid-friendly recipes. About her earnings she says - I’m grateful and humbled for whatever God gives me through this page.

What she says to all new bloggers-

1. I am always there, just a DM away feel free to reach me without any apprehensions or thoughts. Would love to help you in this journey. I believe in community over anything else, when I started my journey, I never had a mentor, a guide, or anyone who can help guide

2. Stick to your niche. My niche is parenting and lifestyle - so my content is about kids-friendly food, and brands that I use for myself and my child in daily life.

Don’t follow the herd, just follow your heart!

Never think it’s over, God always has a plan for you ❤️