During the Vedic period the Doctors were looked up as gods and were treated with the highest ethical standards of the living that were sustained in those days. They were known as healers as they were considered with powers that were exceptional in providing the best for the society. In the modern times doctors are no less than savior of lives but the work they do now go beyond that. Today, at the Crazy tales we bring to you one such an inspirational journey of Dr. Jyotismita Pathak, a public health specialist from Assam who is not only strong, kind, confident but also an independently passionate woman in the field of medicine.

Family Life: She was born and raised in an Assamese family in a small town of Umrangso in Dima Hasao district of Assam. Her father worked for NEEPCO hydroelectric project and mother is a homemaker. Being the eldest sibling in a nuclear family she truly acknowledges her father as her guardian angel and inspiration. She owes herself completely to the values her parents brought her up with.

She married an amazing person who is her long time companion and love and have been blessed with a beautiful angel 8 years back. Her husband is a nephrologist and extremely humble and kind human being who motivates her every single day to be the best she can be.

Education and Entrepreneurship: After schooling from Umrangso, she qualified into Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh where she pursued MBBS and then MD. During the post-graduation course in community medicine, she had the opportunity of extensive field visits involving people from low socioeconomic strata and exploring the problems they face on a daily basis. This ignited the passion of doing something for these women.

With this vision, she founded 'Ashiruktih Foundation'. The Foundation, under her leadership along with an extremely passionate team, has managed to raise awareness about various women health and social issues across women of different age groups and social strata. She also realized, being in close proximity of healthcare sector, that many diseases like kidney diseases requiring dialysis have more impact on the sick individual as well as his/her family than what meets the eye. She established another organization with support from her husband, called Henle's Loop Foundation, which works towards making health care affordable and accessible to everyone, irrespective of their purchasing power. Through this foundation, they are giving costly medications like Erythropoietin injection for free to the chronic kidney disease patients.

Awards and accolades: Since her early school life she was a school topper and regional topper in CBSE 12th board examinations. She was also awarded as the University Topper throughout medical career and awarded many prizes, awards and certificates, most notable being Muhammad Danish Memorial Award for securing highest marks in Medicine in her Final MBBS examination.

She have been a speaker and presented papers on various topics in regional, national and international conferences. She beautifully undertook and successfully completed the first COVID 19 sero-survey in covering nine districst in Assam.

Major aim: Through her work she has tried her best to empower many girls and women to take their health in their hands. As a part of fostering women health, several initiatives had been taken up e.g. menstrual hygiene awareness camps, sanitary products distribution camps, women empowerment projects for women and girls from economically weaker backgrounds. She has also launched a toll free assistance number for assistance of kidney patients and their caregivers In her words she largely believes in the saying, 'Together we can make the world a better place'.

Dr Jyotismita is a happy go lucky person and has her priorities in life sorted. She is working everyday towards her vision of creating a better tomorrow for each girl and woman where they are treated equally, with dignity and without discrimination by empowering them to be the best. Along with the hard work she also loves her family enjoying beautiful vacations in the beaches of India and Maldives. She utilizes her precious time in creative hobbies of dancing, travelling and painting.

We at the crazy tales salute Dr Jyotismita's courage for being such an influential inspiration to all people despite age and gender.