Everyone has dreams and aspirations. In order to achieve our aims and make these dreams come true, we put all of our efforts and hard work into them. However, once we do not get the expected results, we tend to get brokenhearted and quit. Baker and owner of SA Dream Box, Shweta Arora, also felt the same after she got her master's in commerce. She was not sure what she wanted to do with her life and felt aimless. The credit for bringing her out of her depressive and hopeless phase goes to her brother and her friend. They reminded her of her love for baking and cooking. They helped her realize her potential for the same, and this gave birth to SA Dream Box.

Shweta Arora is a budding baker in Adarsh Nagar, New Delhi. She took the brave and courageous step of building SA Dream Box, even though her family background had always been purely academic. Her brother and her friend made her realize her passion and interest in cooking and baking, which surpassed her interest in academics. It was due to their encouragement and constant support that she decided to change the course of her life and lay the foundation for SA Dream Box.

Her business started in a very humble manner, just like many other successful businesses. Slowly but steadily, people started visiting her bakery, and she got frequent customers due to the exotic taste of the baked goods. She got some regular customers, who started hiring her for bigger orders too, and she felt like her hard work finally bore fruit. Instead of giving up, she persisted and showed utmost dedication to her bakery, and now her bakery is well known in North Delhi.

Shweta is grateful to God, her parents, her brother, her Guru Ji, and her friends and she dedicates all her success to them. Every day she got a new order and felt that she succeeded, she promised herself that she will work even harder and improve her work every day. She has made a promise to herself that she will continue to give her best for the improvement of her business. For Shweta, constant customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. She is thankful for all the customers who made SA Dream Box a success. It is her job and duty to put all her efforts and ensure that the customers are getting their money's worth.

Initially, SA Dream Box started with just two types of dry cake. But now, the business has expanded successfully and she is selling a number of different varieties and goods in dry cakes, cookies, breads, macarons, and many more.

Shweta aims to make SA Dream Box a well-known brand in all of India. She believes that baking is done out of love. It is done for friends and family and to see the smile on their faces once they eat the goods. She wants everyone to feel the same after consuming her baked goods.

For all the budding women entrepreneurs out there, Shweta wants to give a single message: Do not lose hope; life may seem tough now, but I am sure it will turn out sweet and fluffy, just like cakes!