We bring to you the story of Anjana Nayyar of Delhi Who became “The Astrologer Anjana Nayyar “ who is not only a Vedic astrologer and also a tarot card expert, but also excels in Numerology ,Lal Kitab expert and Angel Therapist , She also has immense experience in Vaastu Science. She also specialises in Healing and Counselling Parents. She also works for the Upliftment and safety of Animals in her free time when she is away from her work.

When we asked about her Personal Life she said she is very happy in her life with her husband and son, Excelling in studies from Delhi University, she recalls that Spiritual Journey of her life inculcated into her life from a very early age where she already had an environment of Spirituality at home. Her maternal aunt also taught her to read books and taught her to learn from Ramayana and Mahabharata, She also started the journey of Spirituality and Astrology from the knowledge she gained from her homely environment and the teachings of her Guru. She also has very good relations with her siblings and they too recognised her nature of spirituality from very tender age , she lost her mother in a very young age ,so for her Bhagwan Shiv and Maa Bhagwati was everything ,she believes with time she healed a lot and slowly her love for all this took her towards her destiny.

After her marriage in 2002, her son was born in 2003, he was very ill from his birth itself ,it was also then when she through her spiritual power did some remedies for her son and made her son get better ,she with her spiritual zeal have till now saved her family from many obstacles, She kept expanding her prediction journey and spiritual journey in a more rigorous way and then through Social Media and Facebook spreaded it to many other avenues and people started benefiting from it. She then took it as a full time career .She hailed many Excels and Awards for her predictions and now her family too supported it to take it to new heights, she knew no bounds and just focussed on her work and now she has a very supported family and with their help she is helping society and other people as well.

There is also a very interesting thing in her life, it was when she started her spiritual journey her in-laws asked her not to use the surname: “Nayyar “in her name while she introduce her name with her clients and all. But when she got recognised and was awarded by all ,they wanted her to use their Surname and this moment in her life gives her more strength and is a milestone too for her.

Her Favourite Movie as she says is English Vinglish and favourite destination is Switzerland, Luxembourg, Goa, Manali and Leh -Ladakh.

She is also an Avid Animal Lover and she wants to do something for animals, she plans to make a free shelter home where all animals can live.

She remembers one special moment where her son was really very unwell and her faith in God was shaking ,it was Ganesh Chaturthi and she had to take her son to the hospital and for which she couldn’t perform her pooja , She believes God sent her family as a saviour . She went to a different state to get her son treated but she was really agitated and worried, Ganesh Bhagwan is really a: VIGHNA Harta “, her son got better and it was a miracle, her faith got restored.

Her proudest moment was when she met her Guru GD Vashist and took his blessings; he is a role model in her life as she always follows her Guru’s step in all her works.

Her family and she works for the upliftment of animals .She leads a happy life now and she understands that whatever God does ,does for our betterment ,We should never give up on God .

Her last message for her audience is that - Be Stronger than your Excuses. You may find thousand reasons of being down but find that one reason to make you get up.