This season if you're going with the hair colour trend or if you have recently got your hair coloured then you must not miss out on reading this article. Yes, it's all about taking care of the trendy hair colour and keeping it hydrated & long-lasting. Studies show that millions of people dye their hair. Dyeing hair for the latest trends or maybe for hiding your greys, it could be any reason. Whether it's pink, orange, black, brunette, and other natural colours or blonde you always wish to make it long-lasting.

Hair colouring causes the hair to lose its natural shine, making it dry and parched. Precisely using the right products can help retain the colour in your hair from fading away. As you know that these hair colours contain harmful chemicals which can damage & ruin your hair, therefore, it's important to make sure that you take care of your coloured hair seriously. Here are few tips that tell you how to take care of your coloured hair.

Wait For 72 hrs before You Wash

The cuticle of the hair remains open during the chemical process of applying it and if you wash your hair too soon after getting hair coloured, the colour can begin drowning. This is because it takes three days for a cuticle layer to close, so the longer you wait to shampoo the long-lasting your hair colour will be. Do not wash your hair for at least three days after colouring.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

A sulphate free shampoo & conditioner contains an anionic detergent which causes less foam. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a type of anionic detergent that is used to help produce a foaming effect that runs the risk of stripping your hair off its natural oils and moisture of your beautiful colour treated hair. Therefore it is recommended using a sulphate free shampoo can keep your hair from fading away from its colour. Using a sulphate free shampoo & conditioner can keep your hair colour from losing its zing.

Pick ultra-nourishing conditioners

Conditioning your hair from a sulphate free conditioner can help moisture your hair and smoothens it. These conditioners are also protective barriers that can retain the colour of your hair from fading away. Try to pick nourishing conditioners which contain nutrients of avocados, bananas, yoghurt, honey, mayonnaise and vitamin E oils. These nutrients are great to make your colour treated hair healthy and nourished.

Add dye to your conditioner

Try adding a little bit of dye to your conditioner when washing hair. This will help you boost the hair colour and keep it fresh until the root grows out.

Use a Dry Shampoo

Regular washing your hair can wither away the colour of your hair fast. Dry shampoo is like a hair spray that removes dirt and grease from your hair making it look fresh. This will revive your hair and make it look like you just got a blowout. Therefore using dry shampoo can avoid your hair from getting washed frequently.

Avoid Hot Water Shower

Try to wash your hair with cool or lukewarm showers. Because hot water can open hair cuticles which can increase the chances of hair too loose its colour and also hot water can make your hair dull and dry. So make sure that you always wash your hair with cold water.

Use leave-in treatments

Colour treated hair needs extra hydration and protection from sun damage & loss of nutrients from hair. Leave-in products are conditioners that contain silicones that provide extra moisture to the hair and protect it from getting parched & damage and help detangle the strands. Using of leave-in products can protect your hair from damage, and help detangle the strands.

Use a protein hair mask

Trust me, you need the right shampoo to maintain your hair regime. Use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent moisture loss from hair and thus keeping the colour long-lasting. A protein hair mask can boost your hair health by providing the right amount of protein.

Apply Hair Oils

Oils treat hairs that are dry, damaged, and colour-treated hair. Hair oils nourish and hydrate your hair and repair hair damage and don't fade your hair. You can apply few drops of coconut oil to your hair and then wash it off in few hours. Oils can help colour-treated hair shine.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet can do a lot to your hair. Nutrients and proteins from a healthy food diet will fuel up the energy to your hair and make it healthy and glow. Try to consume lean meat, fish, low-fat cheeses, egg whites, spinach and soy to keep your colour-treated hair.

Dont Color Your Hair frequently

Too much hair colour means adding of excess chemicals to your hair which can cause damage. So, it is recommended not to frequently colour your hair for at least 2 months. And if you are afraid of grey hairs then you can use home hacks such as eyeliners, hair mascaras to hide away the greys from your head.

Dont Skip Regular Trims

To keep your hair treated colour healthy, you need to regularly trim your hair. Regular trimming removes dry ends and avoids chances of split ends. Don't make your hair trim super short but try to keep the dried ends at bay.

Supplements Can Help Retain your treated hair

Supplements containing Vitamin C can help blood vessels by supporting hair follicles. Vitamin C and Vitamin B can help strengthen weak hairs and improves their texture. So, using vitamin supplements can make your hair healthy, soft and shiny. salmon, carrots, egg yolks make a full package of vitamin supplements.

Use Deep-Conditioning Treatments

Use deep conditioning treatments to boost up the extra shine of your hairs. You can opt for leave-in conditioners. A sulphate free shampoo and hair mask will work well when washing it with cold water.

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