As we have received many requests to answer How to Sleep During Pregnancy? During pregnancy, many things should be kept in mind. This is because whatever you do directly cause affect to the child. So that the child and mother do not have any kind of problem. You have to take care of the way of eating and drinking and lifestyle.Similarly, many things have to be kept in mind while sleeping. Have you ever noticed that an elder at your house says that there should be no backrest? But we do not understand what the reason behind this is? That is why we are here to tell you why it is forbidden to sleep on your back and which position is the best.

How to Sleep During Pregnancy?

Sleep at least 6-7 hours during pregnancy. This can prevent you from many diseases. With this, the mind will also remain calm. Drink plenty of water so that toxins get out of the body comfortably and your body stays hydrated.Let us know how to sleep during the entire 9 months of pregnancy.

Sleeping on the back

At the beginning of pregnancy, if you lie down in any way, there is no problem because in the beginning baby is behind the pubic bone. But after 16 weeks, sleeping on your back in pregnancy can be dangerous. Because it frequently affects the child. This puts a lot of pressure on the child's vein. The vein works to deliver blood to the baby's heart. This happens when you sleep on your back for too long. But in the last days of pregnancy, you should avoid lying on your back because it can make you feel faint or you may feel like sleeping.

Better to sleep on the right side

By the way, sleeping on the back is comfortable than sleeping on the right side. But doing it for too long can put more weight in your kidney. Sometimes it spoils the digestive system. Even the child will suffer and will not get nutrition. To avoid turning to the right. If you are tired of turning on the right side, you can take a little time on the left side.

It is better to turn left

Experts say that it is better to turn left on this site. This helps in the proper development of the child. With this, the body also gets rest. Not only this, but it also removes toxins from the body, which causes infection and inflammation. This helps our baby gets plenty of oxygen and nutrition. This causes the least pressure on the internal organs of your body.

You can sleep by turning the mouth and your knees on the left side

During pregnancy, you will have a lot of trouble but if you want your baby to remain healthy, then you have to do this. If you want, you can use the pillow between your legs, as long as you are comfortable and your child does not have any problem.

Sleeping Pillow

If you have tried all different sleeping postures, yet you have not got rest yet, then it may be time to sleep with a pillow. Lie on your side by turning your legs and keep a pillow between your knees. You can also support your stomach with a pillow and see if it works for you.

Use Pillows

While sleeping on the side, keep a pillow or cushion behind your back. This will prevent you from rolling backward at any time.If you experience difficulty breathing while trying to sleep, use a pillow under your armpit to elevate your chest and create ease of breathing.Use some pillows at various places until you find the most comfortable pose. Also, with the help of a special wedge pillow or body pillow, sleeping in half lying posture works for some women.

Forget the Bed

There are no rules that you must go to your bed to sleep. Take a comfortable armchair or sit on a couch that you find comfortable, and go to sleep. Even a comfortable rocking chair on the porch can be a good option for a short nap.

Take fewer fluids before bedtime

You may have a desire to urinate multiple times during pregnancy, especially at night. Therefore, try to limit the amount of those fluids a few hours before bedtime. But make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking water, juice, and milk at regular intervals, this will keep yourself hydrated.

Learn to relax

When it's time to sleep, clear all your worries and undo actions from your mind and focus on getting rest. If you are getting scared about the delivery process, then talk to someone about it or write it in a diary and stay relax. Stay away from sugar and caffeine intake in the evening and do some soothing for a short time before bed. Listening to music, bathing with lukewarm water or a cup of warm milk can be helpful.

Do not sleep Straight Especially during your 5 Trimester

Never sleep straight, especially during your 5th trimester. Sleeping straight will directly affect the uterus size. This may cause-effect in uterus and blood circulation will not occur correctly.Support with you handAfter the 5th trimester, you must take the support of your hand to sit up. When its time for you to wake after sleep.

Can less sleep harm the baby in the womb?

An infant growing in the womb needs adequate nutrients and oxygen. If the pregnant woman does not sleep fully, there is no proper blood supply to the placenta. This has a direct effect on fetal development. The fetus's heart rate may decrease and it may also be anaemic. The thing to note here is that when the pregnant woman is sleeping, there should be an adequate amount of blood and oxygen flow to the fetus during that time. Also, less sleep does not produce hormones in the body, which can cause harm to the fetus.

Increasing Stomach size

When the size of the stomach is increased, always sleep only on the side. Whichever side you are sleeping, place a pillow under the stomach and in the middle of the leg so that you can rest in sleep.

Overcome belching problem

During this, there is more belching after eating. To keep from this problem, you lay down with four-five pillows. By doing this, you will get relief from the problem of belching.

Easy Peasy wake-up

Never try to jerk or get upright. Whenever you want to get up, take turns to wake up lightly with the help of your hands.Tell us if How to Sleep During Pregnancy blog is helpful or not, you can give suggestions by commenting below. Also, definitely share this post with your friends on social sites.Read also:
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