Current trends of applying mehndi have spread extremely fast in India and Arabian countries. The hands & feet are decorated, with a beautiful red, orange, black mehndi colour, which is made, from henna. Especially on occasions like wedding, engagement parties and on some religious occasions. The Mehndi design of the flower and the beautiful composition of the leaves are seen, in the design there. The speciality of this design is that it has a lot of creativity to do with it. Which, makes it the most different and unique. So today we have brought some creative half hand mehndi design for you.

Distinctive Mehndi Design

Not only this, to give a distinctive style to mehndi design, you can also apply glitter mehndi design on the wrist and fingers of hands, but this will also make your hands look more attractive.

Easy to- do Mehndi

If you are picking half hand mehndi design, then keep in mind that the henna in the palm always start from the reverse side of the thumb i.e. the smallest finger side and fill half the palm with the design.

Round with dotted leaves

Design with the second design of Mehndi in such a way that the flow of Mehndi does not decline. For example, you can take the idea from the mehndi design shown in the picture.

Beautifull Rings

The design has beautiful rings on the fingers and below are pointed shapes which gives it a sleek look. While the bracelet design on the wrist completes the look.

Pretty Party Design

It's a common and traditional design but always the best. Why not try it on your sister's engagement.

Flower Fingers

These beautiful flowers around the finger and on the top make it look more pretty. You can pop it up with some cute fancy jewellery and rings.

Detailed Gorgeous Mehndi Look

Isn't the hand looking gorgeous? The mehndi is created with flowers and detailed designs on the fingers make it look more pretty. Wear a wristwatch to complete the look.

Simple V-shaped design

A simple v-shaped design with small dots looks beautiful and simple. If you are wishing for a simple & pretty mehndi look then this will go perfectly fit.

Huge Flower with Dotted Chains

A huge flower in the centre with a small dotted chain connects it to the middle finger. It is simple & cute mehndi look.

Beautiful Traditional Design

In this design, only the fingers are filled with small dotted squares and beautifully traditionally design.

Small flower with thin dotted lines

If you relish for jewellery, then this design is made for you. The chain is made, with beautiful small flowers and dotted lines. It gives you a jewellery look.

Dark-Light Shades Mehndi Design

In this beautiful henna design, we see the chain of beautiful design on the fingers & the wrist. We also see how beautiful and attractive mehndi designs look. The mehndi dgn is made, with dots and dark-light shades which makes it look different.

Simple & Quick Mehndi Design

Its simple and quick mehndi design. You just need to do is to make lines on your wrist and then add some tiny leaves around it. Then do the same on the fingers.

The Rose with Unqie Shades

In this beautifully designed Mehndi, we see the floral pattern as well as the composition of the leaves climbing upwards which, is enhancing the look. The most attractive part of this design is the beautiful rose.

The Floral Shades

This floral mehndi design is beautifully designed, on the sides of hands. Various designs of flowers and leaves are the speciality of this beautiful mehndi art. So I suggest to all of you ladies that you can choose this design according to your nature without wasting time.

Artistic Flowers

The design is uprisen, in the central part, which is gorgeously decorated by a leafy shapes design traditionally combined with artistic flowers. The combination of a slight, light and dark shade gives this mehndi an artistic look.

Thick Leaves with floral patterns

Get ready with your mehndi cones and start making some flowers and leafy creations. Make this design from the top of your fingers to the thumb on the backhand. Make sure you add more henna to make the leaves thicker to give it the real look as in the above picture.

Simple Short but Beautiful

This is simple short but more beautiful. This design is made, with combinations of flowers, leaves and squares with thin lines adjoining to make a square.

Quick & Elegant Design

Are you late for an engagement or a Sangeet party? And want something that looks quick and elegant. So you can tell your friends about this design. Mehndi with the beautiful floral net design which, is very easy and simple.

Mehndi for the Edge of Palm

This little design on the small part of the palm is a half design of Arabic mehndi design. In this, the design, of tiny flowers & leaves is made, with deep outlines. You can give a beautiful touch with the dangling design in this mehndi.

Mehndi Design for Palm Edge & Two-finger

The design starts with the small net flowery, design from the thumb and then we get to see the fan floral design on the first and the last pinky finger. The design of the fingers will surely attract all our eyes.

Finely Designed Mehndi look

Are you the kind of bride who likes to have a Western-designed and which the most finely designed mehndi? So once you look at this design, it is a point to point finely designed with flowers and fabulous creative designs. The dark shades make this design even more attractive. Make your wedding evening even more dazzling with this mehndi design.

Hopefully, the article Half Hand Mehndi Design listed above will make your experience easier. For any query simply comment on the comment box.