Megha Vishwas is a woman with many feathers in her hat. She is a computer engineer, has an MBA, and is an IT professional, and she is also passionate about performing arts. When she realized that performing arts was her calling, Megha decided to work towards honing her skills in the same field. There too, she earned several certificates and diplomas in theatre, light music, voice culture, and journalism from reputed institutes in the country.

Megha Vishwas has recently completed her research in positive self-image management and work-life balance at Chennai University. She is the physical embodiment of the quote, “Sky is the limit.” As of now, Megha has no plans to stop anytime soon. Founder of two start-ups, Swayam - Explore Self, which conducts complete positive self-image consulting, and Arts_Gulmohar: Spreading Ethnic Magic, which is purely a “Vocal for Local” business and sells Indian handloom textiles, Megha has also worked in Marathi and Hindi dramas and ads as an actor. Currently, she is exploring her interests in voice acting for various movies and documentaries.

However, life has not been a bed of roses for multi-potentialite Megha. The second wave of COVID brought with it unbearable sorrow for her when her husband left her for the heavenly abode. It felt as if her entire support system crashed and the life of bliss came tumbling down next to her. Megha was lost because of this huge setback. However, she had never been a quitter. It was because of her son, who was 11 years old at the time, that she decided to pick herself up, remove the dust, gather herself, and start working to provide him with a better life. Now she says that in spite of such a major setback, her comeback made her more confident, capable, responsible, and independent.

Awards and accolades:

1. Rashtriya Savitri Gaurav Puraskar 2019 by Indian Journalists Association,

2. Best Actress and Best Make-up Artist Award by Government of Maharashtra, Directorate

of Cultural Affairs 2021,

3. Best Trainer Award for Mumbai section by Mumbai Business Club 2019,

4. Powerful Woman Award 2024 for Voice Over and Acting Category by The Crazy Tales

For Megha, her childhood has been a soft memory. She had a safe childhood, as her family was well-educated. Her parents always motivated her to become a good human first and a professional second. It was her mother who inspired her to develop an interest in the performing arts. She was a singer, a poetess, and an artist. Megha grew up watching her mom perform every day and decided to follow in her footsteps. Her elder sister is like a second mother to her, who further helped her develop a taste for good music, movies, and books.

When Megha met her husband, she felt as if he was the perfect person for her. He was an electrical engineer, had a good ear for music, and always supported her dreams. Losing him was a severe blow, and it was a very depressing time in her life. She felt as if she would not be able to continue living. However, her family and her son made her gather herself again, and she decided to go back to her IT job.

As she previously had work experience in a corporate job, finding new employment was not difficult for her. Even with the hustle culture of a corporate job, she decided to keep pursuing her passion for performing arts. Currently, Megha is working at Accenture. She has a 5-day work week, and on the weekends, she invests her time in voice acting. She has set up a studio at her home, where she records her scripts and sends them out to the directors.

Her son and her family support her passion and respect her for her strength and resourcefulness. Megha also feels that her husband and father are watching her from above and helping her out spiritually.

As for the future, Megha Vishwas is looking forward to exploring new things and doing more for her son. Her message to all is: Keep learning new things and find your passion. Life is too small to crib; instead, learn to work on your blessings.