Dr. Sadhana Sharma, a 37-year-old trailblazer from New Delhi, has dedicated her life to the healthcare sector, amassing over 16 years of experience. Currently a Manager at Max Super Specialty Hospital in Saket, her journey is marked by an impressive array of academic achievements and professional accolades.

She began her educational journey with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Delhi University, graduating with first division honors. She then completed a Master’s degree in Political Science, also with first division honors, followed by a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from M.D. University. She earned an honorary doctorate in Hospital & Healthcare Management from IIU University, Australia, and holds a qualification in Travel Tourism from YWCA

.Dr. Sharma’s contributions to healthcare have earned her numerous awards, including Mrs. North India 2021. She has been a showstopper at Delhi Runway Week, a jury member at various fashion shows, and a celebrity guest at the World Education Summit & Awards by Swarna Bharat Parivar. Her involvement extends to being a jury member in dance shows and serving as a guest of honor at fashion events and women’s excellence awards. She has also been a panelist in the Women Conclave Awards and a guest of honor at Sutraa, cementing her respected status in these circles.

Dr. Sadhana Sharma's accolades include the CEO Award, GEM Award, Value Award, Long Service Achievement Award, Powerful Women Award, Nari Shakti Puraskar, Woman of the Year Award, Patient Care Champion Award, and Best Model Award. She has organized six international healthcare conferences, underscoring her commitment to advancing global healthcare standards. Her recognition as a jury member in fashion and dance shows, including the 3iii International Indian ICON, and as a guest of honor and panelist at events by The Crazy Tales, highlights her versatility and dedication to excellence.

She believes that happiness, hard work, and confidence are the keys to success. She often says, “If you are happy, you can achieve anything in life.” She emphasizes that success is about consistency, stating, “Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come.” Dr. Sharma advises others to discover who they are independent of family and relationships, believing that self-discovery is crucial for achieving anything in life.

Family is a cornerstone of Dr. Sharma’s life. She comes from a family with four sisters, and her parents have been her pillars of strength. Her father, now retired, and her mother, a homemaker, have always stood by her and supported her endeavors. Dr. Sharma credits her success to her family, particularly her mother, whom she describes as a strong pillar. Married for 12 years, her husband has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation. They have a 10-year-old son, Harshil Rana, who gives her the strength to pursue her goals and dreams. Her husband works at the Bank of Baroda, and son is studying at Apeejay International School in Panchsheel Vihar. She acknowledges that without his support, achieving her aspirations would not have been possible.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Dr. Sadhana Sharma appreciates travel and culinary experiences. Her favorite vacation spots include Singapore, Malaysia, Goa, and Kerala. She enjoys moments of tranquility with a cup of coffee in the mountains. Her favorite cuisines are South Indian and Chinese. For entertainment, she loves the movies "Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein" and "Saathiya."

A pivotal moment in Dr. Sharma's life was her transformation journey from obesity and a slipped disc. Weighing 84 kg, she took control of her health, proving that hard work and confidence are the best accessories. This experience reinforced her belief that real happiness is found within and that everything eventually works out, often better than imagined. She advises others to remember this during challenging times and to believe in their journey.

Looking ahead, Dr. Sadhana Sharma is committed to enhancing the education system in India, particularly focusing on early childhood education. She believes that early education is crucial for the holistic development of a child's social, emotional, and cognitive skills, which are essential for lifelong learning. Dr. Sharma is passionate about supporting this vital aspect of society and aims to continue educating herself and acquiring new skills throughout her life.

Dr. Sharma is also a strong advocate for women's rights and empowerment. She believes that women, as the crux of humanity, are capable of performing tasks with great poise and grace. Emphasizing respect, love, and equality for women, she recognizes their relentless efforts and contributions to society. Dr. Sharma advocates for treating women with the same respect as men, highlighting their vital roles and efficiency.