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Indyloom India at present has more than 20,000 clients annually and ships more than 1000 packages every month. They have built a huge client base globally.

With the leadership that documents their new concept of Live Broadcasts outdoor and Live Ramp walk shows, they have gained the global appreciation for being one of the most Unique Fashion brand stores in Kolkata having the best of Banaras for Display.

Indyloom offers the best of the city of Kashi with a trail of legacy weaves also. Within the Sakhi Collection, pure katans and tussars are the most popular range. In their premium segment Indyloom has designed a vast range of paithni Katan and ektara, double tani katan Banarasi, pure koriyal, tussar georgettes, rangkat, mashroo, and they are categorised in their Shree Collection.

Bridal Range namely Rati and Kamya, speciality segment Moksha Range presents to you more offers. The fabric mostly comes unstitched and tailoring services are available both globally and in India.

Uniqueness is guaranteed to the client at Indyloom. They firmly believe that the uniqueness factor is the most important when you put your steps into the larger marketplace and is the key to charting the course.

We at crazy tales were hugely honoured by the presence of Mr. Somnath Mukherjee Managing Director and Ceo at Indyloom and Ms. Sujata Mukherjee Company AVP, Indyloom in our Powerful women awards on 11th May 2022. Ms. Sujata was our first awardee as the most powerful women icon. We wish Indyloom, India the very best in all its endeavours.