The 4th Women’s Conclave and Awards 2022 were organized by The Crazy Tales on January 25. The award ceremony was held at the Crowne Plaza in New Delhi. Every year, Manish Mishra and Amrita Kar, the founders of The Crazy Tales, honor influential women from all over the nation. The women hold the credit for doing exemplary work in their fields of expertise. The goal of this conclave and award show is to encourage female entrepreneurs and inspire the nation through their stories.

The event focuses on honoring women from different sections of India who fought against societal norms and made an identity for themselves. The event started with the ceremony of lighting lamps and Ganesh Vandana, which was performed by Pihu Tyagi.

The event then moved on to a two-panel discussion on "Women’s Security" and "Women as Entrepreneurs." The conclave had invited MLA Rituraj Jha, MLA Kuldeep Kumar, and DCP Jitendra Mani Tripathi as the chief guests.

The attendees for the first panel included Rashi Chhabra, a storyteller from Delhi; Dr. Aditi Kaushal, founder of Dr. P.O.S.H.; Priyanka Verma, an NLP practitioner; and Poonam Kalia, a nutritionist. The second panel invited Anupama Mishra, an investment banker; Neha Nimesh Shah, founder of Mentor by Board; Vikas Setia, a motivational speaker and author of Accelerated Wellness Blueprint; and Prof. (Dr.) Parin Somani, an educationist and fashion influencer.



The awardees for the event were

Jyotsna Wadekar Mehta - Best Behavioural Trainer, 2022

Ziesha Shireen Aslam - Best women entrepreneur, 2022

Eeshita Majumder - Best Social Changemaker, 2022 (Caregiver For Dogs)

Niralee Upendrabhai Mankad – Best Emerging Anchor, 2022

Manisha Agarwal – Best School Coordinator, 2022

Madhvi Dwivedi – Best Women of Excellence, 2022 (Education)

Shipra Bhadauria – Best Social Changemaker, 2022

Nisha Y Prasad – Best Art Therapist, 2022

Deeksha Ahlawat – Best Clinical Dietician, 2022

Pallabi Hazarika – Best Business Women, 2022 (Prajapati Assamese Jewelry)

Sananshika Malik – Best Young Emerging Entrepreneur, 2022 (Rohansh Publication)

Asha Sapra – Best Emerging Business Women, 2022 (Fashion & Lifestyle)

Priyanka Ambasta – Best Women of Excellence, 2022 (Art)

Aditi Kaushal – Best Posh Compliance & Legal Expert, 2022

Rachna Bhatia (Bhatia Sisters) – Best Social Activist, 2022

Dr. Deepti Mankad – Best Marine Wellness Coach & Counselor, 2022

Akriti Verma – Best Women Entrepreneur, 2022 (AKV Wall Putty)

Dr. S. Kanimozhi – Best Academic Mentor, 2022

Mehjabeen Irfan Khan – Best Changemaker, 2022 (Education)

Addlin Sneha – Best Female Entrepreneur, 2022 (Scholar Overseas)

Deepmala Tardeja – Best Women Entrepreneur, 2022 (Deep’s Fashion)

Dr. Ankita Sharma Pandey – Best Consultant & Trade Expert, 2022

Poonam Kalia – Best Nutritionist, 2022

Swara Patil – Best Social Contributor, 2022 (Women Empowerment)

Dr. Glara David – Best Health Counselor & Mentor, 2022

Anam Siddiqui – Best Emerging Social Changemaker, 2022 (Shikhar Ngo)

Anindita Dash – Best Business Women, 2022 (Iktaara Handlooms & Handicrafts)

Priyanka Verma – Best Life Transformation Coach, 2022

Aparna More – Best Yoga Therapist, 2022

Pooja Ghosh – Best Fashion Influencer & Model, 2022

Diksha Gupta – Best Social Influencer, 2022

Ar. Priyadharshini Thambiraj – Best Women Entrepreneur, 2022 (Architect)

Dr. Pallavi Chauhan – Best Clinical Expert, 2022 (Naturopathy)

Jyoti Singh – Best Entrepreneur, 2022 (Education- Flora & Fauna)

Namita Sharan – Best Media Expert, 2022 (Goa Samachar)

Dr. Florence Helen Nalini – Best Women of Excellence, 2022 (Philanthropist & Changemaker)

Palak Chauhan – Best Women of Excellence, 2022 (Author & Changemaker)

Neha Nimesh Shah – Best Community Platform, 2022 (Mentor My Board)

Simran Narula – Best Fashion Brand, 2022 (AASA BY SIMRAN)

Ritika Pathak – Best Digital Marketing Expert, 2022

Mini Mehrotra – Best Home Tutor & Educator, 2022

Jyoti Praveen Sharma – Best Fitness Trainer, 2022

Komal and Karuna Singh– Best Makeup Artist, 2022

Upali Prakash Chabra – Best Fashion Influencer & Model, 2022

Akansha Khandelwal – Best Young Wedding Planner (Indore), 2022.

The Colorbar Cosmetics Private Limited, Me2 Hair Professional, and Shark Tank Funded Jha Ji Achaar from Bihar were among the supporters of the event. Coronado was the snack partner and Simran Narula from Aasa By Simran, and Richa Sadh were the makeup partners for the event.

The team of The Crazy Tales would like to extend heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all the supporters and attendees of the conclave and award show. It would also like to thank the awardees of the event for being such an inspiration to women all over the world.