On the auspicious occasion of the month of Shravan, the 6th of August was a historic day for Vishwamangalya Sabha. On behalf of Vishwamangalya Sabha, Delhi Province, under the chairmanship of President of Delhi Surbhi Manoj Tiwari, the closing session of the collective Lord Shiva worship was organized at Ambedkar International Center, in which Jitendra Nath Maharaj Ji, Head of Vishwamangalya Sabha, and Ajay Bhai Ji, Founder of Rashtra Mandir, were present. The National Co-Organization Minister, Vishwamangalya Sabha Pooja Deshmukh, and Chairperson of Special Olympics India, Mrs. Mallika JP Nadda, also honored the occasion with their presence.

In the presence of Vishva Hindu Parishad's provincial president Kapil Khanna, regional campaigner Jatin ji, MP Manoj Tiwari, MP Ravi Kishan, director of Punjab Kesari Kiran Chopra, owner of Sudarshan channel Suresh Chauhan, and many ministers and MP's wives, the program was dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The program's main attraction was that in the holy month of Sawan, 1000 women gathered in the auditorium together to recite Shiv Strotam near the sacred Narmadeshwar Shivling.

Jitendra Nath Maharaj took this occasion as an opportunity to say that Lord Bholenath also performs Tandav and is the God of Philosophy. Through the chanting of Shiv Strotam, we can gain cognizance of this philosophy. The recitation of Shiva Strotam proves that the mother is not weak; she is the creator of the world. He said that Vishwamangalya Sabha is an idea, and it is necessary to take it to every house. All the ladies involved in this program deserve congratulations for making this campaign successful in Delhi.

In his address on this occasion, Ajay Bhai Ji said that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj became a great and well-known name only through the values and guidance of his mother, which is a living example of the glory of the mother. His mother used to tell him stories of the bravery of many brave warriors, including the Pandavas, which inspired Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Every home should have a mother who can raise their children to be full of the values of a brave warrior like Shivaji Maharaj.

Manoj Tiwari, a member of Parliament, spoke to the women in attendance on this occasion about the glory of Shiva and advised them to read the Shiva Strot so that Lord Shiva fills their minds with his presence because Shiva embodies strength, devotion, culture, and all three at once. A strong society and a strong country require the spread of this idea throughout every home, so once they have begun the work, they must finish it. This revolution is caused by the fact that a son can only make decisions about his life's path through the rituals of his mother and that, in the interests of the country, the son must make a moral decision. The aim must be motivated by patriotism and a desire to do well for our wonderful nation.

On the occasion, Mallika Nadda said that Lord Shiva resides in every particle of the universe, and we all have seen the glory of Shiva in the month of Shravan through such events.

Just like Mother Parvati always stands with Lord Shiva, women's power also stands with a strong society; it supports the society. We have to take this ritual to every house.

Surbhi Manoj Tiwari, President of Delhi Province, said that mothers are the center of the family. Along with a good upbringing and a good education for our children, we should also keep in mind how they can contribute to the interests of the nation. If he grows up to become a doctor, engineer, or lawyer, then he should be used for the benefit of the nation, helping those who are in need. Only women can create this revolution. Once Jija Bai did it, only then did we get Shivaji; today we have to take this responsibility and do it for our culture.

Surbhi Tiwari worshiped Shiva by performing a Shiva song taught by her mother-in-law. She said that Shiva was and will remain in every era; we have to keep him in our hearts; we should learn from him how to live a household life; we should learn innocence from Shiva; and we should also learn firmness from Shiva. Shiva is the deity of the Vishwamangalya Sabha.

Further giving information about the program, she said that in the holy month of Sawan, sisters have presented a unique example by reciting the Shiv Stotra at 25 centers in Delhi province. She said that this type of event has been organized in Nagpur for the last 14 years, and it is the good fortune of the Delhi executive that, with the cooperation of all the sisters, we could create this huge Shivamay Swaroop in the auditorium in the concluding program of the three-day camp.