The Crazy Tales successfully presented the Powerful Women Award on March 29, 2023, at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi. The awards were presented to commemorate the women who have done exceptional work in their field of interest. Along with this, The Crazy Tales did a curtain raiser for their Coffee Table Book which will be launched on May 31, 2023.

There is nothing more magnificent than women becoming independent and standing up for their rights. A woman becomes powerful only when she learns how to overcome her hurdles and come out stronger than ever. The Crazy Tales have taken up the initiative to celebrate all the powerful women out there. The Powerful Women’s Award is one such step towards recognizing the need for women’s education and encouraging them to come out of their shells. Every year, Manish Mishra and Amrita Kar, the founders of The Crazy Tales, honor influential women from all over the nation.

The Chief Guest for the event was Shri Manoj Tiwari, ‘Mridul’, a Member of Parliament and celebrity singer. The event commenced with the lighting of lamps by the Honorable chief guest.

The award show was held in the presence of our esteemed panelists and guests of honor, Ruchika Rana, Principal of MR Global School; Pallavi Chauhan, Naturopathy and Ayurveda Specialist; Dr. Leena Biswas, Medical Officer, Model, and Motorcyclist; Salima Suraiya Dosani, Learning and Development Specialist; and Dr. Mukesh Sahu Maheshwari, a special guest of honor.

A special panel discussion was held to discuss various issues related to work-life balance, financial security for women, and health issues.

The panelists sitting in the panel discussion were Ms. Ruchika Rana, Dr. Pallavi Chauhan, and Ms. Salima Suraiya Dosani. A notable statement by Ms. Dosani was that she broke rules and did not listen to people trying to control her life. She says that being a rule breaker has always helped her establish herself. She decided to take charge of her life and steer it in the direction she wanted. Her message was, “If you believe you are doing the right thing, do not fear breaking some rules.”

Ms. Ruchika Rana noted that in an era where people are still judging women on the way they dress or handle their homes, development becomes difficult. She hopes that the new generation will grow up and uplift the standards of society. Referring to the ongoing festival of Navaratri, she termed all the women "sabala," which means powerful. She believes that the goddesses live inside all the women out there and that only women can help lift other women.

Dr. Pallavi Chauhan advised the audience, that people should avoid taking painkillers and maintain a healthy lifestyle. People should move towards naturopathy, as there are no known side effects of the same. Mental health shall also be maintained, as it too is an important part of overall health.

Our chief guest, Shri Manoj Tiwari, said that he considers all women to be powerful, and thus they should not be considered the weaker section of society. He applauded the efforts made by The Crazy Tales for giving women a platform to speak their minds and influence others too.

The founders of The Crazy Tales want to extend heartfelt thanks to their partners for making the event as successful as it was. The partners were: Kulreeti (Neha and Harshit Sangal), which makes twinning dresses for mothers and daughters; Lifafaz (Ankit Saini and Avinash Kumar), a kids photography brand; Creative Cookery Class, our bakery partner; Style Diva Couture, a company specializing in fast fashion; Ekta Fusion, an Indo - Western brand; Nutri Snacks Box, our main gifting partner, healthy snacking company; Nikita Jain Makeover, a celebrity and bridal makeup company, our makeup partner; Ed Innova, our advertising partner; Rahul Srivastava, our photography partner (Frame Expert); and Cake Kitchen.

The awardees for the event were:

Pallavi Chauhan, Best Naturopath & Ayurvedic Health Expert 2023

Ankita Srimali, Best Marketing & Advertising Professional 2023

Shweta Arora, Best Home Baker (Dream Box) 2023

Dr. Leena Biswas, Dynamic Personality (Women Empowerment) 2023

Sayli Chandrashekhar Dhote, Best Emerging Mental Health Expert & Coach 2023

Reshma Khan, Best Social Changemaker 2023

Ramni Uppal, Best Women of Excellence (IT business) 2023

Prajakta Deo, Best Mental Health Expert and Counselor 2023

Aishwariya Kashyap, Best Women of Excellence (NSS) 2023

Palak Chauhan, Best Social Contributor 2023

Adv Akansha Jain, Best Legal Expert 2023

Diksha Yadav, Best Emerging media professional 2023

Ar. Dhanashree Kanade, Best Architecture Firm (Space Connect Architects ) 2023

Dr. Zia Zehra Zaidi, Best Educationist 2023 (ABES engineering college, Ghaziabad)

Surekha Dayashankar Yadav, Best Women of Excellence (Pharma Sector)

Nishi Singh (Yoga with Nishi), Best Yoga Therapist and Expert 2023;

Jayashree Vijay Kumar, Best Cancer Awareness Expert, and Coach 2023

Kavita Saxena, Best Social Contributor 2023 (Girl Education)

Monisha Rakesh Tahilianey, Best Women Of Excellence (Educationist) 2023

Swetlana Bakshi, Best Women Athlete Llawn Bowl Player) 2023

Arti S Kumbhar, Best Mental Health Expert and healer 2023 (Manoragini)

Pinky Kapoor, Best Legal Expert 2023

Kiran Kamdar, Best Women of Excellence (Social Sector) 2023

Dr. Reena Sharma ( Heights Makeup Academy), Best Emerging Makeup Academy

Dr. Aditi Ghosh Dastidar, Best Clinical Expert ( Eye care surgeon and expert) 2023

Divi Pramukh Vaish (Ranisaa The Silver Shine), Best Business Women (Ranishaa - The Silver Shine ) 2023

Niraja Jagannath, Best Prolific Artist 2023

Ayushi Gupta, Best Academician 2023

Dr. Nitasha Verma, Best Physiotherapist 2023

Karishma Adwade, Best Emerging Business Women (Brand-Nutrisnacks) 2023

Kavita Gupta, Best Bakery Trainer and Mentor (Creative Cookery Classes) 2023

Salima Dosani, Best Trainer (Project management) 2023

Dr. Nida Mehtab, Best Social Contributor (Healthcare Sector)2023

Manisha Agarwal, Best Women of Inspiration 2023

Rimjhim Dubey, Best Anchor 2023

Kopal Bhargava, Best Home Baker (Cake Kitchen)

Nikita Jain, Best Makeup Artist, and Trainer

Susmita Gupta, Best Advertising Agency - ED Innova

Pushpavathi Ramasami, Best Researcher

Reena Peter, Best Women Enterprenuer (Arivaa Lifestyle)

Siddhi Johri, Best Young Influencer and Social Contributor 2023

Sakshi Sharma Agarwal, Best Spiritual Reader and Tarot Card Reader 2023

Keerthana Dinesh Kumar, Best Emerging Women Entrepreneur (Tiny Dot Foods) 2023

Ekta Malhotra, Best Fashion Studio (Ekta Fashion) 2023

Laxmi, Best Budding Makeup Artist 2023

Komal, Best Budding Makeup Artist 2023

Khushpreet, Best Budding Makeup Artist 2023

Kavita Mehra, Best Makeup Trainer and Coach 2023

Salima Suraiya Dosani: Best Coach (Parenting) 2023

Malika Wadhwa, Best Fashionprenuer (Style Diva Couture by Malika) 2023

Dr. Mamta Mohan Singh Best Social Changemaker 2023

The moderator for the panel discussion was Ms. Amrita Kar. She invited more powerful women for her next 51 Powerful Women Coffee Table Book, which will be launched on May 31, 2023. This Coffee Table Book will be the third volume in the series about powerful individuals from all over the nation. 51 Powerful women from all over India will be featured in this volume.

The previous two seasons of the Powerful Women’s Award and the Coffee Table Book were also launched by the Honorable Chief Guest, Shri Manoj Tiwari, ‘Mridul’. The book is a 12x12 matte finish book and features the biographies of the featured individuals.

The end note and vote of thanks were presented by the founder of The Crazy Tales, Ms. Amrita Kar, who encouraged women to be aware of their rights and know the consequences of their lack of knowledge. She thanked all the partners, our panelists, our Chief Guest, and the attendees. Ms. Kar invited more powerful women for her next 51 Powerful Women Coffee Table Book, which will be launched on May 31, 2023.