The 5th Women’s Conclave and Awards 2023 were organized by The Crazy Tales on January 24. The Award Ceremony was held at the Radisson Blu, Dwarka, in New Delhi. The Crazy Tales has organized this Award Ceremony every year and has honored influential women from all parts of the nation.

The event started with the lamp lighting ceremony followed by the Ganesh Vandana. All the panelists and awardees, along with the founders of The Crazy Tales, Mr. Manish Mishra, and Mrs. Amrita Kar, and Special Guest of Honor, Mrs. Mamta Mohan Singh Ji, were invited on the stage for the lamp lighting ceremony, which marked the commencement of the 5th Women’s Conclave and Awards Show 2023.

The event consisted of two-panel discussions on "Work-Life Balance" and “Health and Mental Strength Should be Taken Care of.” Special thanks for the successful panel discussion go to the esteemed panelists, who took enthusiastic participation in the discussion of the topic at hand.

The first panel discussion took insightful views from Simran Narula, Founder of AasabySimran; Sweta Prasad Verma, an NLP Practitioner, and Tarot Reader; Dr. Sampada Kulkarni, Founder of Coffee Needs Waffle; and Sneha Jain, Prolific Writer.

The first-panel discussion started with the topic of the importance of financial freedom for women. Sampada, an entrepreneur, started her career as a French professor. She is a single mother of a girl studying in the United States of America. It was a major change for her when she decided to make a career shift from teaching to hotel management with no prior experience in the said field. She recognized the obstacles put forward for a single mother in society these days and has always been thankful for her partners who supported her in accomplishing her dreams. It is only when a woman has faith in herself that society also starts believing in her and recognizes her efforts. Her first mantra for success is to always believe in yourself and your goals. The second mantra is to be honest with yourself and your services to succeed in the world of competition.

It was difficult and stressful for her to manage this career shift, but she loved cooking and decided to be honest about her passion for cooking, and her consistent efforts bore fruit for her.

Sweta Verma then added her opinion to the question. She asked the women never to feel guilty for taking breaks and focusing on themselves. Everything exists only because you exist. Taking breaks is of utmost importance; otherwise, it can cause mental exhaustion, which will ultimately lead to burnout. Burnout is the most common cause of depression in women nowadays, and taking regular breaks, even for a small stroll in nature, helps the ladies avoid the same.

Every person needs someone to talk to. It is necessary to take a detox from social media or even their career and family if needed. Everyone should be made aware of the wonderful effects of therapy and not treat it as a taboo topic. The children in the social media generation are losing touch with nature and prefer staying inside on their electronic gadgets instead of spending time with their loved ones. Every institution should include mandatory mental health courses for the upliftment of their mental peace. She quoted from her book, “Own Your Purpose of Life,” that every human is a part of one cosmic ball, and none of us need to fear challenges. It is the challenges that help them grow and develop their character.

Sneha Jain asked everyone to read, not only to become wise but also for personality development. Books help you get motivation and provide you with direction in your life. Every parent should indulge their kids in reading for their own better future. Being a writer, Jain talked about her book, “Be the First You,” which talks about making and developing your own identities. She urged everyone to break away from the rat race and create their own space in society. Her message to the audience was to stop only on the day when you realize that your five-year-old self would have been proud of you and what you have become.

Simran Narula, Founder of AasabySimran, opined that it is necessary to feel good and confident to stand out. Her fashion label is helping women do the same to themselves.

Narula said that her inspiration was herself. She decided to take the first step in the right direction instead of being scared of failure. Her message to everyone was that even though people may remember your failures, it is the lessons you learn from those failures that help you give birth to that one success.

The first panel discussion ended with a vote of thanks by Amrita Kar and a group photo with the panelists. Kar then proceeded to provide a token of appreciation to the panelists of the first panel discussion.

The second panel included Dr. Debangana Baruah, Prolific Author and Director of Hindustan Offset Pvt. Ltd.; Sneha Jain, Prolific Writer; Dr. Pallavi Chauhan, Nutritionist; Dr. Mamta Mohan Singh, Philanthropist; and Prabhjyot Kaur, Founder of Media Shark.

Dr. Debangana started her social entrepreneurship journey quite recently; however, she knew that her field of focus would be the development of the status of women. She also noted that every state of India has diverse issues related to the socio-economic status of women, but their gist remains the same: a lack of opportunities for the female gender in the country. Baruah decided to further empower the women who are already empowered so they can take correct steps in the same direction and help other underprivileged women in the nation.

She is a major advocate of financial stability, and providing jobs to women is one of her major projects that she is working on as a social entrepreneur.

Dr. Pallavi Chauhan is the second-time guest in the Conclave and Award Show. She was asked for tips on how a woman can live her life to the fullest without any guilt or stress, to which she replied that it is only when someone fails to look after themselves that they lose control of their bodily functions and fall ill. The remedy to this is to take care of yourself and take some time out for yourself instead of running in the rat race of life. A lot of problems can be avoided only if a person decides to stick to a routine and take care of themselves instead of rushing their life day and night.

Prabhjyot Kaur talked about the importance of social media for the development of a client base for their start-ups. Her digital agency helps people do the same. She aspires to teach every small business owner to reach a client base across the nation by helping them use social media correctly. Even the design of the package, the angles of the camera, and the reach of the audience are of strategic importance, which can make or break a brand. This is when her digital agency, Media Shark, comes into the picture. Her agency helps every small entrepreneur reach the audience and the client base according to their products and the needs of the client.

Special Guest of Honor and Philanthropist, Dr. Mamta Mohan Singh, was asked about her views on the role of NGOs in society. She shared her experience working for an NGO. She started her career as a teacher for an NGO and has even worked for them without any monetary remuneration. It took her several efforts and a lot of her time to collect the crowd that would benefit from these NGOs and their services. This is when she realized that just the creation of an NGO will not help society if the people at the grassroots level do not know the benefits of the services provided by the organization.

The second-panel discussion ended with a group photograph, a token of appreciation, and a vote of thanks by Amrita Kar.

The event also included insightful views from the awardees and a cultural dance by Vaanya Kanchan as a tribute to the Pran Pratistha Ceremony in Ayodhya, which marked the inauguration of the idol of Ram Lalla in the temple.

The Chief Guest of the Conclave and Award Show, Special Commissioner of Police, Mr. Robin Hibu, also shared his wise words with the audience, which showcased his diligent efforts for the development of the socioeconomic status of women in society.

It was followed by the felicitation ceremony where the awardees were felicitated by the hands of the Chief Guest.

The team of The Crazy Tales would like to extend heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all the partners, supporters, and attendees of the conclave and award show. It would also like to thank the awardees of the event for being such an inspiration to women all over the world.