Natasa Stankovic recently posted a video on her Instagram Stories about her divorce from Hardik Pandya, which triggered fans. The Serbian model and actor Sasa Mahrinoski shared a video of a drive through the Mumbai Bandra Worli Sea Link with the lights on at night. She wrote the caption with praise for God and added emojis.

This ambiguous social media activity comes when her marriage to Pandya has been the subject of speculation. Last week, a post on Reddit suggested that it is now apparent that Natasa has wiped Pandya’s last name from her Instagram account, and the couple hardly posts pictures together anymore.

Natasa and Hardik tied the knot in May last year, after which the couple was blessed with their firstborn, Agastya. Their relationship became public in the limelight recently after Natasa stopped using Hardik's previous name, didn't wish her March birthday, and doesn't attend this IPL season. Though Pandya's brother Krunal continues to message her on social media, followers get a hint that all isn’t well.

It has taken Natasa two posts on Instagram to respond to the rumors about her relationship with Marko Jovanovic. Before that, she posted a photo with street signs and an ambiguous message saying that someone is getting on the streets to a certain somebody. Nevertheless, as far as her actual marital status is concerned, nothing definitive has been said up to the present.

Natasa Stankovic and Hardik Pandya have been lovers and are blessed with a son. Even though they used to occasionally post updates on how they run their lives as a couple, they now appear to be more reserved. It has also come to light that Natasa has blocked Hardik on her social media and deleted his last name and some old posts with him. This has raised questions about their stand on relationships, yet this remains a mystery. Regardless of what may happen between them, they will always have the link of giving birth to a lovely child.

Instead of assuming or sharing rumors about this family, we can hope they find strength and pray that they can put things behind them and stop hating each other. His primary focus now is to ensure that their little one is given the best chance in life.

Over the past week, numerous rumors have surfaced suggesting the end of the road for Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic. Although there has been no formal confirmation, recent rumors indicate that Pandya and his Serbian wife are no longer together following their divorce, with 70% of his assets going to Natasa.

It seems the Indian all-rounder is constantly marred by controversy. His year began on a difficult note after being publicly criticized for replacing Rohit Sharma as the new skipper for Mumbai Indians. Throughout the IPL 2024 season, he faced boos and criticism for his captaincy. Just when things seemed to be calming down, his step-brother Vaibhav Pandya was arrested for duping him, and reports suggested that Hardik was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Hardik and Natasa tied the knot in May 2020 and welcomed their adorable son, Agastya, on July 30 of the same year, followed by a vow renewal ceremony in 2023. A viral Reddit post claimed that the two have separated, stopped posting about each other on social media, and Natasa has removed "Pandya" from her Instagram handle and deleted their pictures together.

Furthermore, it's understood that their possible divorce could be due to social media harassment and threats directed at Natasa and their son, which might have led to their separation.

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