In the busy schedule, you must pay attention to your skincare regime if you want to get the most flawless skin. Here are great skincare tips for you to achieve that glow and get rid of all skin problems that you have always wanted. Bright skin is what every woman desire, whether you are a student, a housewife or a working woman, healthy glowing skin is very mattering for everyone. Our skin is fragile and exposure to harmful chemicals or a busy schedule can cause harm to the skin.

Stressful lifestyle, busy schedule, inadequate sleep, nutritional deficiency, pollution, harmful sun rays, excessive smoking and drinking habits are the main factors of dry & dull skin. Due to the increasing pollution and the changing weather, the colour of the face starts to wane. Especially during summers, the atmosphere changes, temperature extends to heat up. This can cause skin irritation, burning and tanning your skin, making it red, dark & dry. So, you need to make sure to take care of your skin.

To get the most benefit out of a regular skincare regime we have brought a simple yet easy skincare regime to follow to get flawless skin. Read on.

Step 1 Cleanser

The first step of a healthy skincare regime is to wash away the dirt and cleanse your skin properly. The cleanser helps gently cleanse your sensitive skin without causing dryness or irritation. Cleansing will remove all the excess oil and dirt accumulated on your skin and will induce the products to work effectively.


  • Morning or night, start with a cleanser
  • Make sure you purchase a cleanser according to your skin type or cleanser for all skin types.
  • After the cleanser wash it off and dry it with a towel by gently dabbing it on your face.

Step 2 Toner

What most people tend to overlook is toning, an important step that infers the cleansing process and prepares the skin to soak up moisture during the hydration process. Toners cleanse the pores on your face, shedding them of dirt and excess oil.


  • Add a few drops to a cotton pad.
  • Dab it on the skin for a few seconds and gently wipe it off.
  • Get the perfect suited one for your skin.

Step 3 Spot Treatment

The dark spots healer helps to effectively reduce dark spots and acne scars. Prevents the formation of new discolouration. Shows a clearer, brighter and evenly toned complexion for softness.


  • Consult your dermatologist before applying these treatments.

Step 4 Serum

Are you suffering from dark circles, dull skin and dark spots? But not anymore. A facial serum fades existing dark spots and prevents post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The serums are designed to smoothly exfoliate the skin while preserving the natural pH of the skin. It fights acne scars and pigmentation magically.


  • At night, before going to bed, apply a pea-sized amount to a clean & dry face.
  • Allow the product to absorb before applying other skincare products.
  • Carefully avoid the lips, eyes (including eyelids), and corners of the eyes. Follow it up with a moisturizer.

Step 5 Eye Cream

Under-eye cream helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. It also restores a firm youthful texture under the skin of the eyes by making it brighter and glowy.


  • Massage a small amount of eye cream under the eye and around until completely absorbed.
  • Use twice daily, morning and night.

Step 6 Moisturizer

Moisturisers help boosts the skin's hydration ability while you're asleep. Apply as dots all over your face. Gently massage in circular movements until it is completely absorbed. Moisturisers deep hydrates your skin by adding proper hydration to it. Remember to find the right moisturizer for your skin. A water-based moisturise works great as it accumulates less oil on your skin while hydrating it. Water-based moisturizer is best for oily or acne-prone skin.


  • Gently massage pearl-sized amount over dry winter skin - twice a day

Step 7 Face Oil

It prevents water loss, restores skin supply and elasticity. Using face oil can reduce your wrinkles, moistures dry skin, flushes away rashes and protect your skin. It hydrates the skin deeply.


  • After cleansing, toning and all other water-based serums.
  • Apply a few drops which you can use.

Step 8 SPF

To prevent your skin from sun damage & make it soft, you keep applying expensive creams every day while that cream will last for four to five hours on your skin. SPF protects against sunburn, avoids inflammation, redness and reduce the risk of skin cancer. UVA and UVB protection with skin lightening ingredients give a uniform matte finish to the skin. It prevents skin from developing wrinkles & fine lines. Choosing SPF according to your requirement. It Softens and brightens skin for a noticeably fairer complexion.


  • Always use sunscreen before you apply any makeup. This will protect your skin from harmful chemicals of makeup.

Hopefully, the BlogEasy Skincare Regime To Follow To Get Flawless Skin?will & make your day easier. For any query simply comment on the comment box.