The Crazy Tales gives you an inspirational story about one strong-willed lady, Inderpreet Dave, from among a plethora of inspiring stories. Let's take a look at how she's influencing her dreams and how it could encourage others to do the same.

Ms. Inderpreet Dave, a certified parental mentor, spoke with us for a long time about her life, her entrepreneurial experience, and many other topics.

When did we ask her to give an introduction about herself, to this she said, He worked by day, and toiled by night. He gave up play and some delight, Dry books he read, New things to learn. And forget ahead, Success to earn. He plodded on with Faith and pluck; And when he won, Men called it luck.

These words would define very to the point.

When did we ask her about her family and relationships, to this she replied, This is how I would express my life journey to be? I have always been blessed with a supportive family whether my parents or my in-laws. What I am today has been possible all because of them as they took good care of my kids and this helped me concentrate on my career.

Besides, we did ask her about her entrepreneurial journey? And to give us a brief about her education, awards & recognitions she was honored with? To this, she responded in kind., I started my career as a Nursery teacher and gradually my hard work paid and took me to a position of head of reputed primary schools in Delhi. Teaching kids and dealing with their issues and teaching parents how to handle kids gradually became my passion. For doing so the experiences with my kids always helped. Also guiding my colleagues on how to create engaged classrooms using involving teaching strategies helped me gain their love and respect. There were proud moments in life when I won the best teacher award twice while working as a teacher. My kids now grown-up adults are my backbone who never let me fall and have made me stronger and resilient day after day. They taught me to stay happy in each experience.

Today I am a Certified Parental Coach and am passing on all my experiences and learning to parents to raise strong, competent, and thoughtful kids with love and affection. I see a flower in each child I meet. Some are tender and soft like roses, others are strong and useful like the marigold. I consider myself to be a learner for life and keep learning new things each day.

When did we ask her about favorite vacation and movies, to this she responded, My favorite vacation was at Goa spent with all my siblings, their husbands, and our kids. It was a real fun time and the memories are still in mind.

When did we ask her if she had any insane or powerful events that influenced her and that she wanted to share with The Crazy Tales? To which she replied, There are two influential incidents that brought a change in different aspects of my life. One is the meeting and initiation by Sadhguru which helped me know myself better and made me stand strong in every situation life brought on a platter. Since then the continuous routine set up for meditation has polished my thoughts from negative to positive. The second is when during lockdown life came to a standstill in terms of job and work. This gave me a chance to look at my skills differently and at the age of 50, I completed certifications in child psychology, family relations, and Parenting. Now am working for guiding parents everywhere. I am taking workshops for RWA's, schools and am also training teachers to help kids develop 21st-century skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity which are a must for healthy and happy living. My blogs and videos are much praised as they are of great help to people and give me a self-appraisal to work more.

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