We've all heard inspirational stories, but today we have something that will make you believe that hard work can coexist with time and effort and that everything is possible if you have the desire to succeed, regardless of how much time it takes to seize the chance.

Firoz Aalam, Delhi's recently appointed ACP, has demonstrated that, though great effort and commitment do not always pay off, they do in some cases.
Firoz Aalam joined the Delhi Police as a constable with the PCR unit in 2011. Firoz decided to take one more go at the UPSC test after failing five times before ultimately passing. Given that he was still assigned as a constable and that he achieved the remarkable rank of 645, it appears that he passed his final examination with high honors.

Harendra K Singh, an IPS officer and Deputy Commissioner of Police, sent out a tweet praising ACP Aalam and noting that Dreams never get old, desire to fulfill has to be young.

Aalam, who passed the test in 2020, will return to the Delhi Police Department as an Assistant Commissioner of Police in a few days and begin his training.
When a video of Firoz Aalam's mock interview with a reputable training school went popular among UPSC applicants last year, he became something of an online phenomenon. People are also quite thrilled, especially those involved in police and preserving law and order because Aalam's experience as a constable will help him to bridge any current gaps between the ranks.

Firoz's tale is very similar to that of Imran Ansari' from Paatal Lok, as played by Ishwak Singh. Firoz is serious, competent in his major areas, and honest in the video.

Certainly, members of the Delhi Police Department are ecstatic with their colleague's accomplishments.