Many experts of the world had warned that the coronavirus and flu, both diseases together can cause extensive demolition. But now shocking information has come out. Scientists have found that flu disease is seen to be over. There are indications from the theory of some experts that flu cases may be befalling down due to corona and came out with some corona benefits.

According to the World Health Organization, there has been an extreme reduction in flu cases. Globally, it is estimated, that there has been a decline of 98% flue cases as compared to the last year.

In Australia, only 14 cases of flu were reported in April this year, compared to 367 last year. That means there has been a decrease of 96 per cent. At the same time, where cases of flu were at the peak in June in Australia, no cases came this year. Let us know that according to WHO statistics, influenza virus i.e. flu causes 2.5 to 5 lakh deaths in the world every year.

This year Australia has only 14 flue cases which were reported in April this year as compared to 367 last year. This claims that there is a decrease of 96% flue cases.

According to WHO statistics, influenza virus i.e. flu causes 2.5 to 5 lakh deaths in the world every year. James Stewart, a virus expert at Liverpool University, says that immune systems are activated after the first infection and eliminate the virus. During this time, if any other virus arrives in the body, it also kills the immune system. Therefore, it is possible that the flu virus may not be able to survive due to corona's immunity.

According to Virologist Elisabetta Gropelli of the St George's University of London says that viruses are parasites. Once a virus enters a person's cell, they do not want any other virus to stay in that person's body. Therefore, the viruses that reach the body first, eliminate the other viruses.

According to the statistics report, there were only 12 cases of flu reported between April and October this year in Chile. Whereas during the same time last year, 7 thousand cases of flu were reported. Also, in South Africa, 99% of the decline in flue cases, can be observed.

In the UK there have been 767 cases of flue since march while 7 thousand of cases to be observed between March & October. At last, some experts state that more studies need to be done, to form a clear opinion about the decline in flu cases.

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