by- Neeva Singh

During the COVID-19 lockdown many of us are at home which may make you lazy.
The inimical psychological and physical outcomes of lockdown are known to all.
In this stressful times, your mind and body requires a bit of conditioning. To stay fit &
healthy here are some ideas which can help you moving as the lockdown continues.

Follow a structured routine:

Develop a routine and stick to it. Following a routine
gives you a sense of stability and balance of mind. To break the monotony of routine
plan different things during weekend or day off.

Eat healthy food:

Try to have balanced diet filled with fruit and vegetables to stay
healthy. Processed foods, tinned and canned foods to be avoided. Alcohol intake
should be avoided. Also keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Connecting with family & friends:

Personal contacts are difficult during
lockdown situation. Take up the phone, video call friends or family and stay in touch
online. Virtual get together, meetings, party and events can be planned and

Focus on physical workout regularly:

Take out time for workout regime
regularly. Exercise helps to sleep better, reduces stress & anxiety levels, and
improves memory and cognition. It also releases chemicals that make us feel good.
Therefore, physically activity is the best way to ensure perfect health and wellbeing
in this lockdown.

Fun activities:

During the normal course it is difficult to take out time for hobbies.
But, the lockdown has given ample opportunity to continue these activities once
again. Such activities relaxes and calms our mind.

Spend time with family:

Although its important to stay connect with our friends
and acquaintance digitally, make sure also to take break .Try to spend with the
family members who are around you.

Listening limited news:

Nowadays there are lot of news on lockdown and it is
difficult to distinguish between fake and real news. Only updates which are relevant
should be listened. There is no requirement of listening to news related to COVID
whole day which may affect you mentally creating sadness and depression.

Relaxation through meditation:

Practice mindfulness that is beneficial no matter
whats going on in the world. If you are undergoing stressful situation at the moment,
and lost focus, it is the absolute remedy. Yoga and meditation is the powerful tool to
help you concentrate and create stability at the mental level.

Good Sleep:

If you sleep for 6 to 8 hours daily, it will rejuvenate and energise
your body. Sleep routine must be regulated like our meals. Lockdown may create
worries and might give you sleepless nights. So it is better to stop worrying and
sleep tight.

Keep your motivation high:

Make a motivation board and put inspirational
messages on it. Read motivational stories of people. It will keep your spirit high to
overcome difficult situation.

Apparently, its essential that we must take good care of our physical and emotional
health during the lockdown. Some simple modifications in routine, like getting
adequate sleep, eating healthy, working out, and stay connected with people, can
motivate you to keep yourself fit and healthy.