From among a myriad of inspiring stories, The Crazy Tales selects an amusing story about one determined lady, Hermeet Chawla. Lets have look at how shes influencing her dreams and how it could inspire others to achieve their own goals in life.

Ms. Hermeet Chawla, a well-known astrologer and graduate of Delhi University (BA ENG HONS ), has completed a GNIIT course, had a detailed conversation with us about her family, friends, and the entrepreneurial journey she has covered.

Hi, I am enthusiastic, eager to learn new things, my own boss, trustworthy, charming, polite, and fearless, Ms. Hermeet said when we asked her to introduce herself.

Faced many financial difficulties in early life, so I know the worth of money, Ms. Harmeet said when we asked if she had any childhood memories to share.

We asked Ms. Hermeet if she'd like to tell us about her family, and she said yes. We are a family of five, living with my mother-in-law, with me is my life support, Mr. Achraj Singh, my son, and my daughter, she explained. Whatever the situation, we are all together and believe in moral values and the importance of being together.

When we asked Ms. Hermeet about her personal life and relationships, she said, Ours is a love marriage, and I've known my husband since we were in school, she responded.

When we asked Ms. Hermeet to tell us about her entrepreneurial journey, she gave us a brief overview of her education, awards, and recognitions. After college, when doing my graduation from DU ( BA ENG HONS ), I entered NIIT and completed the 3-year GNIIT program, which at the time was the best possible course for computer science. Then I did a two-year course in fashion design, and then fate led me to Astrology, where I completed a two-year full-time course in astrology and became a licensed Acharya, followed by a one-year thesis project, and finally a course in Tarot card reading. Since joining the GURUJI ASTRO APP in 2019, the app management has made me the EXCLUSIVE ASTROLOGER for the app, and I am now on the panel to invigilate and select new astrologers in the app, owing to the overwhelming response and confidence received from respected customers/clients, received recognition and honors from a variety of organizations Most importantly, we gained the loyalty and happiness of our loyal customers.

When we asked Ms. Hermeet about her life, she said, "How has life handled you?" Life! she exclaimed in response. I've had many ups and downs in my life, beginning with a service class family before marrying, then marrying a great husband, and moving into a business family. I'm enjoying the high life, with my own expensive homes and trucks, and my husband's company has a nine-figure turnover. Life abruptly shifted, and I experienced days of bankruptcy. Even for the day's meals, they clashed. Now, God has revealed a direction in astrology that allows me to see myself and assist others in overcoming obstacles in their lives.

When we asked about Ms. Hermeet's future plans or any wishes she wished to fulfill? To rise financially and make myself happy to be able to exist and succeed as anyone that we supported in their bad days turned back in our bad phase, to reclaim all we have lost, she responded.

When we asked Ms. Hermeet about her favorite holiday spots and movies, she replied, Seashore allures me and even my best half, she responded. I enjoy going to the beach in Goa at any time of the year, and my dream holiday is to the Seychelles, which my husband told me before we married but has yet to be fulfilled. Guru, Behind Enemy Lines, and Men of Honor are some of my favorite films.

When we asked Ms. Hermeet what advice or message she would offer to all of the country's youth, she said, Don't wait for the government or the system to support you, get trained and more important than academic education is knowledge and experience, don't be afraid to do work below your qualifications, the most important thing is to earn money to feed yourself and your family, no one will come to feed you, she said. Be self-sufficient; God has given you only one life; don't waste it; turn inner frustration and sadness into a force for self-improvement, whether at work or in your personal life and relationships.

At last, we asked Ms. Hermeet about her life's motto. Describe how you feel like a woman and how simple it is to face life. To this, she replied, "Motto of life: be so much self-reliant that those who had all left us to die should ENVY my success." It is difficult to face life; as a woman in a high place, people will let you down because they are unable to contain the fire inside you. People will threaten to take advantage of you GAREEB KI PATNI SABKI JORU when you are in a bad situation. No matter what, be brave and don't let people take advantage of you.

Friends: My greatest strength in difficult times was and continues to be my loving husband and best friend. My parents, as well as old friends such as Ms. Shivani, Mr. Sukant, Mr. Pramod, and others, but not much.