India is in the midst of the worst health and humanitarian crisis it has seen in a century. The second wave has had a negative effect on all, regardless of socioeconomic class. However, the fate of children from low-income families, many of which have lost or are about to lose parental support, is dire.

SOS mothers and coworkers are working together to help children who are in need.

Children whose parents are covid positive and receiving medication are put in Short-term care, while children who have lost their parents are placed in Long-term care in SOS Children's Villages of India.

As the second wave of Covid 19 hits India, children are at much greater risk. Most of us are worried about being infected with Covid-19, worried about succumbing to the virus, worried about an infected parent, and worried about losing a loved one to the virus. In these hard times, SOS Children's Villages of India shares its sympathy with the people in their struggle against COVID-19, as well as our commitment to reach out and assist as best we can. SOS Children's Villages of India has developed different strategies to cater to the emerging health and humanitarian crisis among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, families, and communities while ensuring that all the children under our care remain healthy.

SOS Children's Villages of India's COVID-19 Relief Work

SOS Children's Villages of India aims to reach out now to 27,000 children and caregivers in 10,000 households across 22 Indian states, with the end goal of assisting them in rebuilding their lives and communities. SOS India is providing rehabilitation assistance to prevent further destruction and destruction, rebuild basic services, protect the health, provide psychosocial care, restore livelihoods, and improve food security, depending on the individual needs.

  • We will provide Covid/medical kits to 220 Indian family homes (Beneficiaries of more than 2200 children & 250 mothers and aunts).
  • Oxygen concentrators will be installed in each SOS Children's Village (Beneficiaries more than 4000 children & 600 mothers and aunts)
  • We will provide 800 families in the neighborhood with Covid and medical kits (Beneficiaries 800 caregivers and more than 2500 children)
  • Under our short-term and long-term stay programs, we will have a stable and secure atmosphere for children whose parents/families are struggling or have lost their lives as a result of Covid-19.
  • We would reach out to needy households in the community to provide Dry Ration supplies for three months.
  • To resolve this epidemic, we will continue to raise awareness and bring about behavioral reform, as well as provide much-needed psychosocial and technical resources.
  • We will continue to link households with state and federally funded welfare programs.
  • Via livelihood support, we will collaborate to help people restore their lives.