About Us

The Crazy Tales is a Beauty, Parenting, Travel, Fashion and Lifestyle content platform. We are the story tellers and our whole world is full of inspirational stories of real-life inspiring People. We recommend intriguing and exciting things to do in your neighborhood and around the world. From delicious food to travel inspiration to amazing experiences to how to do good parenting, The Crazy Tales has all covered.

We also recommend brands and anything related to Weddings, Pregnancy, Health and wellness and also of course Beauty We believe in making memories with people that touched our heart, stories of real people who can change your story too.

At “THE CRAZY TALES” We love to listen to exciting stories and brand stories. We only hope to inspire you to live the best possible life through our awesome tales of recommendations: The Crazy Tales

Our Story

How did The Crazy Tales come about?

The story is about Manish and Amrita who started their career in the Event Management and they came to know about many stories and couples and also met many inspiring people.

They want to take people everywhere to discover their love for beauty and lifestyle and stories of course of real people.

This is The Crazy Tales what started as a personal blog is now attached with many people with their wonderful stories who are here to inject just the right dose of fun to make your life worthwhile! Be it the new tips for parenting or the lively restaurants, electrifying events or best makeup artists and best fashion and lifestyle tips, you get it all at The Crazy Tales We discover new places and possibilities and try to spread the joy of wanderlust.