People with oily skin are more prone to acne, it can happen to anyone. Acne is a disorder related to oil glands. These oil glands are present under the skin. Due to hormonal changes, the activity of the oil gland increases and the skin follicles or pores are attached to oil gland cells (cells) from inside, due to which sebum oil is produced in the skin follicles. Sebum helps in bringing the bad cells out of the pore and creates new cells. But when more sebum oil starts to form due to hormone imbalance, this oil closes these pores, causing pimples or rash. The growth of bacteria in sebum also causes acne by closing the pores.

When your skin is in need of some severe treatment, get yourself a natural antidote that fights skin problems like a superhero. We have brought you the naturals range of 8 best body shop products for acne treatments & breakouts that help fight blemishes, break-outs, dark spots and acne. Its suitable for all skin types and keeps your skin blemish-free, without making it dry and flaky. Try the revolutionary tea-tree oil that packs a whole lot of good for the skin in a bottle. Dab it on your skin after your skincare routine to see visible results.

Tea Tree Blemish Gel

With a handbag-friendly wand-applicator, this quick-drying Tea Tree gel can be applied directly onto the skin, to see you through any skin emergency, mess-free.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner

This toner infused with potent tea tree oil purifies and tones in one step. It helps removes residual traces of make-up and impurities, which can clog the pores. Its reduces the presence of pores and leaves skin feeling cleansed, toned, revived and visibly clearer.

Tea Tree Night Lotion

The Lotion has a gel-lotion texture that provides light hydration for blemished skin throughout the night, whilst controlling excess oil and sebum. This lotion is steeped with organic pure tea tree oil, help to keep blemished skin under control and help fade the blemishes.

Tea Tree Oil

Battle blemishes with iconic Tea Tree Oil with its powerful, purifying properties, our tea tree oil is great for quick application to help reduce blemishes.

Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub

Made with pure, organic tea tree oil, our Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub is a daily facial exfoliator perfect for blemished skin. The scrub gently polishes the skin surface by removing impurities and dead skin cells and make the skin feels smooth and appears more clear and shine-free.

Tea Tree 3In1 Wash Scrub Mask

This foaming product removes impurities and excess oil & the exfoliants unclog pores to leave skin feeling smoother. When applied as a mask, the drying clay deeply cleanses and mattifies and helps maintain clearer looking skin.

Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

Purify and refresh your skin with our Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. This clay mask is brewed with bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves and organic tea tree oil that helps in glowing your skin young.

Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion

Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion is a daytime moisturiser suitable for blemished skin. Brewed with our organic pure tea tree oil that easily absorbs lotion provides hydration, without clogging the pores or leaving skin feeling greasy. Use daily for matte, shine-free results.

Hopefully, the Blog 8 Best Body Shop Products For Acne Treatments & Breakouts listed above will & make your makeup experience easier. For any query simply comment on the comment box.