The summer season has come while hot and humid weather leads to dehydration in the body due to the mismatch amount of water leaving the body is higher than the amount being taken in. Do you know? that watermelon slices can actually relieve the heat of summer in your body and is also very beneficial for skin, hair and health. Its high water content helps keep you hydrated well.

Watermelon is a juicy and nutritious fruit. Approx 92% of water is found in watermelons. Consuming watermelon daily can keep your body hydrated well. A sufficient amount of lycopene is found in the watermelon, due to which the skin glows and helps to prevent heart diseases. It also controls cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Overall, watermelon is a disease-resistant fruit. Not only this, it helps lose weight as well. In addition, watermelon contains adequate amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fibre and many vitamins. It also contains essential elements like iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Before eating watermelon, it is important to know the benefits of watermelon. Is Watermelon Good For You? Today we are going to tell you about 20 benefits of eating watermelon for skin, hair and health.

Benefits Of Watermelon on Skin, Hair and Health

Promotes hair growth

Watermelon contains Arginine (an amino acid) which is essential for bodies and helps in blood circulation in the scalp which leads to hair growth. Watermelon is packed with Vitamin C, which ensures that there are enough blood cells in your body which as a result prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. Watermelon also contains collagen which helps in healthy hair growth.

Keep your Blood Pressure low

Nurse measuring patient blood pressure

The fruits contain 92% of water which act as a helpful substance in the production of urine. This helps regulate the kidneys smoothly and keep your blood pressure low. So, if you find yourself with high blood pressure then take a slice of watermelon and relax. Watermelon contains amino acid which further breaks into nitric acid, as a result, it lowers down the blood pressure.

Maintains Heart Health

A healthy heart is always the first. Watermelon is a fruit that benefits the health of your heart, the lycopene present in the fruit improves cardiac functions while Vitamin C and potassium present, reduces cholesterol. It also maintains a steady flow of blood and prevents clotting. It also destroys harmful cells from the body and gives a healthy lifestyle and prevents cancer.

Improves vision

Watermelon is a wonderful source of beta-carotene and contains Vitamin A, which is necessary for healthy vision. It helps engender pigments in the retina of the eye furthermore shields against age-related macular degeneration as well while prevents night blindness.

Prevents Cancer

Watermelon destroys harmful cells from the body and gives a healthy lifestyle and prevents cancer. This fruit is enriching with lycopene and Vitamin C which maintain a steady flow of blood prevents clotting and destroy harmful cells which act well to combat diseases like cancer.

Hydrates your skin

As we have discussed above that watermelon contains 92% of water and organic acids which acts amazingly to maintain the hydration of your skin. The fruit contains citrulline, lycopene and other necessary vitamins which relaxes muscles and increase blood flow and ultimately results in reducing the signs of ageing and thereby keeping you stay younger.

It also acts as a natural skin toner. The vitamin C and antioxidants present in it helps in rejuvenating your skin and making it look younger. The juices present in the fruit can work brilliantly as a natural skin toner.

No more oily skin

Watermelon is like a charm for your skin. Especially for people who have oily skin. We understand how difficult it is to maintain skin that is covered with oils. So why not consume watermelons? Yes, Watermelons also cures oily skin and controls oil production glands making your skin oil-free and thus prevents acne.

Prevents hair loss

Watermelons heal dry scalp, prevents breakage and promotes longer and healthy hair growth. The fruit contains a source of Vitamin C, it maintains the RBC (Red Blood Cell) which provides iron to the body. While the juice has healing properties which charm your scalp and moisturises the scalp.

Prevents Asthma

lycopene present in watermelons works as an interesting antioxidant that reduces asthma. It allows people to breathe properly furthermore preventing Asthama.


The watermelon contains fibre, which encourages a healthy digestive system and keeps you fit & your digestive system work properly.

Proper functioning of eyes

Watermelon is rich in nutrients and phytonutrients which are helpful in the proper functioning of internal organs such as the eyes. It is a wonderful source of beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A in our body and helps produce pigments in the retina of the eye which as a result protect against blindness and macular degeneration and maintain proper functioning of the eyes.

Weight loss

Watermelons are made 90% of water and are a great source of amino acids called arginine which helps burn fat quickly. Melons are low in calories and have a high water content, which makes them very weight loss friendly. A watermelon diet can help you lose loads of weight quickly! It is one of the healthiest fruits as it helps in cleansing our bodies of toxins and assists in weight loss. Watermelons are packed with essential nutrients like vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamins B1 and B6, lycopene, potassium and magnesium. So why wait? Add watermelons to your diet from today!

Strengthens Immunity

Watermelons are rich in vitamin C and Vitamin B6 which helps the immune system to produce antibodies and red blood cells. This results in regulating the immune system of our body and protects from harmful infections. It also aids in the absorption of iron. Glutathione in watermelon helps in the growth of the immune system.

Pregnancy Benefits

Watermelon contains high water content (92 per cent) and fruit sugars can help alleviate morning sickness and dehydration that can help prevent third-trimester muscle cramps. Eating watermelons regularly during pregnancy may reduce your risk of developing preeclampsia, constipation, or haemorrhoids.

Prevent Cell Damage

Every cell in your body needs water. And watermelons contains 92% of water which somehow work well for our body cells and prevents them from damage. Lycopene prevents cell damage in our body.

Keep your gums healthy

Healthy gums are an important factor in oral care. Watermelons also help fight gum disease and prevent bleeding gum lines. Watermelons contain 90% water, which is good for hydration and your teeth.

Boosts Energy Levels

Watermelon is rich in an amino acid which is called citrulline that helps blood circulate through your body and helps in lower blood pressure. The fruit is low in calories and high in energy thus overall it helps in boosting the energy levels of our body.

Improves Bone Health

In recent studies, it has been found that watermelon has such properties that it gets linked with our heart and bone health. It contains minerals such as potassium and magnesium, and lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids (protein) which works as a booster and maintains bone health.

Relieve Muscle Soreness

in a new study, which found that watermelon juices can actually relieve post-exercise muscle soreness. Watermelon juices reduce muscle soreness. This is due to an amino acid found in watermelon called L-citrulline.


Watermelons have an alkaline-forming effect on the body can help reduce the risk of developing disease and illness in our body which is caused by a high-acid diet such as meat, eggs and dairy.