The face is often called the mirror of personality. The beauty of the face works to enhance your eyes and the eyebrow and to get that stunning look we have made 10 Easy Steps to Get Perfect Eyebrows at Home. Now the shape and style of eyebrows are also changing with time. Before makeup of eyebrows, you have to think that what eyebrow shape will suit well on your face and which eyebrow shape will look natural.

To find the correct length of your eyebrows, take an eyebrow pencil and place it above your nose and near the eyebrows. It will help you to know the exact length of your eyebrows. The outer side of the eyebrows should be raised slightly upward compared to the front so that your eyebrows are not straightforward.

Steps to Get Perfect Eyebrows

While talking about today's fashion trends, various shapes of eyebrows whether thick or wide, eyebrows are important for every girl & a woman. If you also want to make your thin, light eyebrows thicker and wider, then some special measures have to be adopted. So today we are telling you 10 Easy Steps to Get Perfect Eyebrows at Home.

1. Select the Perfect Shape

The eyebrows on your front should be between the nose. Keep in mind that eyebrows should not be small from the front. The outside eyebrows should be in the shape of an arch. If the shape of your face is oval, then you should place it a little longer in your eyebrows arch.

For a square face shape, eyebrows should be round. Curved eyebrows should be for the rectangular face. If the shape of your face is round then go for an arch eyebrow.

2. Brush the Eyebrows

To brush your eyebrows correctly use the mascara stick by using a spoiler brush. Now keep the brush on your eyebrows and move the hair upwards, then brush them up to the last hair too well. By brushing, you will be able to identify your eyebrows where the hair is short and thin.

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3. Use an Eyebrow Pencil

If you want to do thick-skulled eyebrows, then choose a correct eyebrow pencil according to the colour of your eyebrows or use a slightly darker pencil. With this, your eyebrow pencil will fill the area where your hair is thin and less, which will make your hair look thicker. Flip the eyebrow pencil lightly when using an eyebrow brush.

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4. Use a brush

If you want to get a perfect finish in the eyebrow hair, first blush the eyebrow pencil lightly on the area between the eyebrows. Be careful not to fill too much colour just use the brush with a light hand to make your eyebrows look natural. Also, keep in mind that the front and back corners should look more dense and natural than the area between the eyebrows when using the eyebrow brush.

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4. Apply the powder to the eyebrows

In case your eyebrows become too denser, choose the colour of the powder according to the eyebrows. i.e. if you have to deepen the eyebrows, look for darker shades and if you want to lighten your eyebrows.

Take a small brush and then touch it in the powder and then apply gently it on the eyebrows. Apply it until you get the colour of eyebrows you want. Apply the powder carefully. When you get a colour for the eyebrows, then take a transparent mascara stick and apply it on the eyebrows. So that the eyebrow powder spreads well in the hair and then you can get a desired shape and colour.

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5. Use of Gel to Set the Eyebrows

After the powder, you will get the colour you want. But you can use coloured or colourless gel to keep it throughout the day. Use a gel on your eyebrows so that the hair remains fixed and makeup also remains of the eyebrows.

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6. Go for an eyebrow razor

Convenient and painless method of prepping your brows is using an eyebrow razor. Draw a lining around your eyebrows and then carefully remove the excess of hairs from your eyebrows, creating it look in shape and sleek.

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7.Using a Magic beauty trimmer

If you are unaware of threading and find other ways hard, then it's better to go with amagic beauty trimmer.It is a pain-free alternative if you are unable to wax or tweezers your eyebrows. It is an everyday maintenance clean up tool to be used in between your regular eyebrow wax or threading appointment.

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8. Go for a plucker

A very convenient & affordable method of shaping your brows is using aplucker tool.These are made of stainless steel & are great for removing ingrown hairs. These are also known as tweezers. First, clean your face & pat dry your brows. Blend some powder on your eyebrows, now carefully pluck all the extra hairs out.

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9.Conceal around your eyebrows

Applying concealer around your eyebrow will enhance your eyebrows very well.Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealermakes the eye area appear radiant and refreshed in no time. This concealer for dark circles and fine lines instantly creates an illuminated, refreshed looking eye area. Infused with goji berry and Haloxyl.

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10. Finish the eyebrows with powder

Finally, to make the eyebrows thick and thick, take a brush and then touch it in a white powder and then apply it around the eyebrows. It will give the eyebrows a good shape in the end. It will make your eyebrows look even sharper.SUGAR Cosmetics All Set To Go Translucent Powderis oil-free & paraben-free, it settles on to the skin effortlessly to blur out imperfections while simultaneously enhancing your complexion.

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Tips & Remedies for eyebrows

after knowing the 10 Easy Steps to Get Perfect Eyebrows at Home. here we presenting bonus tips for eyebrows.

1. Thicken your eyebrows

Ingredients - Coconut oil. (Read more - Benefits of Coconut Oil) Kappa.

Method - First of all, immerse cotton in coconut oil. Then apply it on the eyebrows. After applying to leave the oil on the eyebrows for the night. Then in the morning wash the face with water.

2.Olive oil for thicker eyebrows

Ingredients - Olive oil.

Method - First take olive oil on your fingers. Then apply this oil on the eyebrows. Massage for a few minutes after applying. Now leave the olive oil on the eyebrows for a few hours. Now wash it with face wash and water.

3. Almond oil will make your eyebrows thicker

Ingredients - Almond oil. (Read more - Properties of almond oil)

Method - First take almond oil on the fingers. Now apply oil on the eyebrows. Massage the eyebrows after applying. Then leave it like this for overnight. Now wash it with water in the morning.

4. Aloe vera is the best way to get bold eyebrows

Ingredients - Aloe Vera leaf.

Method - First cut Aloe Vera in the middle. Now remove the gel from it. Apply this gel on the eyebrows. Massage for a few minutes after applying. So that the gel is completely absorbed. You can also keep the remaining aloe vera in the fridge. Now leave the prison in the same place for half an hour.

Hopefully, the article10 Easy Steps to Get Perfect Eyebrows at Home'listed above will & make your makeup experience easier. For any query simply comment on the comment box.