Which one is your favourite? Sex is fun only when you know the best sex position. The 10 Best Sex Positions also helps you reach orgasm. You also feel completely satisfied in sex only when you enjoy sex in better ways.

If you want to give the pleasure of sex to your girlfriend completely or else you have been bored of trying the same position, so here we have brought you 10 Best sex positions to help you improve your sex life while driving exploration & adventure to both of you.

Spoon Position

If there is height difference in partners, then the best one for you is 'Spoon Position. Both of you sit on same sides, while the female sits on males lap, hence penetrating and enjoying in this position. This position is best for any body type.

Oral Position

In this position, one of the partners will sit down or on a chair or sofa. Lie back, keep both the thighs away. The other partner will lick with the tongue over your partner's private part like a puppy, do so until it is wet.


The most natural sex position. Both the partners will lie down parallel on each other while the female partner lays back with some pillows supporting their butt. This position helps penetrate your partner at a high angle than it usually happens.

Doggy style

In this sex position, the female partner has to bend in front of her knees and hands in the style of doggy and the male partner intercourse from behind. It is considered to be an excellent sex position to stimulate the G-spot.

Cow Girl

In this position, male partner will lay down. While the female sits on him leaning towards the partner , face to face. The male will penetrate into female Vulva while she will act like a cowgirl, riding a horse and enjoying.

Legs up Missionary

The female will lay down with her legs in the air. The male will penetrate into female vulva while she would be resting her legs on his shoulder.


69 sex positions is also according to the position of 6 and 9 in this number. During this sex position, the face of the female and male partner is in the opposite direction and thus their mouth is right in front of each other's genitals. After making this position oral sex is to be done which both men and women do simultaneously at the same time. In this sex position, either of the two partners can stay above.

Sofa Mount

Why not try on your sofa? The person with penis sits on the sofa while the female with a vulva will get on top of him and here the penetration happens.

Reverse Cowgirl

In this position, the male will lay down while the female with vagina sits facing away from him. Now after penetration the female can start hopping.

The Sideways Bestride

Thefemale will be facing away from her partner lying down with one leg stretched. Thepenetration will happen sideways.